Welcome to Z.S.A.

🎂💀🎂 HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY to us at Zombie Safe Area! 24th of July 2011 is when IT STARTED….A DECADE ago, A decade of decay, laughs and education! What began as a fanpage for the zombie subculture, evolved into a group preparing for zombie outbreak survival! This thanks to OUR DEDICATED FAN BASE, thank YOU ALL for being here! Let’s go for 10 more in our shelter from the dead!

Zombie Safe Area Celebrating It’s Ten Years of Zombie Fun in 2021
How many of you enjoy our ZOMBI CAT series? 😀
Relax folks, we are saved now!

The TRUE untold Story of LIFE & Death.

The TRUE Untold Story of Life & Death



July 24, 2020: Happy Birthday Z.S.A. Already 9 years! This year 2020 has truly felt like the closest to an apocalypse than ever before, pandemics, lockdowns, anarchy, conspiracies & riots! Stay safe my friends! #ZSAbirthday #9Years


Keeping you and yours safe from the zombies since 2011, when they come that is. Meanwhile prepare and have a giggle or two, you wont be sorry for being ready!



July, 24 2019 Happy 8th Birthday Zombie Safe Area! 

Happy 8th Birthday Zombie Safe Area! July 24th, 2019: After 8 Years the Zombie Safe Area Containment Facility for the Undead is still holding strong, As are the Walls and the Security procedures and protocols in place.All thanks to our steadfast & vigilant Commanders and Vice Commanders and ofcourse our very loyal fans! Thank You Everybody! #ZSA8YearsBirthday ☣️

Happy 8 Years Birthday Z.S.A.


Keeping You Safe From The Dead.

Happy 7th Birthday Z.S.A.

zombie safe area 7 years anniversary poster 2018
July 24, 2011 to July 24, 2018 SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY!
ZOMBIE SAFE AREA 7 years anniversary 2011 2018 poster blue version
7 years ago today July 24, 2011 D-Undertaker created ZOMBIE SAFE AREA to protect us from the dead.
zsa 7 years poster D Undertaker ZSA

Love during the ZPOC will test every cell in our body and soul.




Perhaps a better understanding of the universe will prevent the zombie outbreak?

dundertakerZSA nothing is new

There is something they arent telling us….

lifeless corpse zsa

Smokey the Bear now ready to combat the DEAD!


Every single human being is responsible for his/her actions while they are alive.

This Earth Day ZSA Meme 001

Why must keeping the environment clean be so difficult to understand for some people?


True love will continue long after our bodies die…

#ValentineDay ZSA

Who needs ZOMBIES when we have so many stupid people already?
i am seriously allergic to the stupid people
Yes humanity has also achieved many scientific miracles, but we are a doomsday page lol and we post negative stuff to  help encourage people to make the world a better place from these bad things.

True evil is inside us already.  We’re already infected.

Happy 241st Birthday to the United States of America & to all her citizens! The land of the free & the brave, let us keep it that way. Remember freedom isnt free and if you don’t pay attention you can lose it again.  Respect the republic and the constitution and the peoples rights.

Showing some appreciation to all the truly dedicated men & women of Law Enforcement all over the world, whoever you are. #BlueLivesMatters
national police week appreciation cover picture
Happy Mother’s Day (U.S.)! Z.S.A. Scientists have made a massive discovery!

READ all about it here: Scientific Studies Show Breast Feeding Will Prevent the Zombie Outbreak!

Breast feeding can prevent the zombie outbreak in your child

Happy 49th Independence Day Mauritius 🇲🇺! La main dans la main, enne sel lepep! Hand in hand, united as one people! #Mauritius #IndependenceDay

zombie dodo wishes tou banne morisyens happy independence day

ZSA Mauritius has an awesome new logo made by STELLAR GRAPHICS in Florida, U.S.A.!

Zombie Awareness Month 2016 ZSA 38
  You Are Now Entering The Zombie Safe Area ZSA14493236677011
Building the safe areas for you
and your loved ones. cropped-zsa-com-org-header

Welcome to Z.S.A.


Tornado witch

Check out our Global News Service

warning you of current and coming disasters, man made or natural on facebook & twitter


where to go when the zombies come
The Undead Are
Not Welcome here
zsa.com access denied to zed ladyTHIS AREA HAS BEEN CLEARED OF THE UNDEAD☣  the dead will rise

You Are Now Safe From The UnDead

Please Proceed to Command Central

ZSA poster Nov 2015

for a General Check Up & stuff.


Your Safe Haven From The Zombie Apocalypse!

Z.S.A Facebook ad - Copy

ZSA spook teaser

 WE ARE building the Safe Areas for you and your loved ones! We aim to educate you and entertain you on how to survive any kind of disaster, man made or natural. Even the CDC agree that the preparations for zombies are what you need for emergency disaster survival. We are a global team from all over walks of life and zombie genre enthusiasts who wanted to bring you something new along with what is already available on the web. Visit our site & soon a FORUM and have fun while learning

 WE  are working with fellow survivalists all over the world, to construct and maintain ZOMBIE FREE SECURE AREAS AND BUILDINGS COMPLETE WITH DEFENSE, FOOD, MEDICAL, RESCUE, LODGING AND BIO TECH EXPERTS in order to better save humanity the day zombies and the living dead walk the earth! We believe in being prepared to save as many of you out there as possible. Join us today and help us organize the best defense against the zombies for you, your family and friends. Yes, we like to joke but the day zombies attack, you won’t regret you have a plan. We have ZSA Divisions in many regions to better monitor the walking dead (tv series included lol) and to provide more people with safe areas. While we may be a bit of a spoof we are fun while we do it and the prepper training for natural disasters is real and when the zombies come hopefully you will be ready! We even have our own facebook ZSA Global Zombie News, where we monitor 24 hours zombie outbreaks, medical outbreaks and natural disasters and conflicts that might trigger the zpoc. We maintain the very best zombie threat meter diagnosis unique in the world! You are at the best place to learn, you have to learn now because tomorrow the internet will not work when the UnDead run the show. They dont have brains so dont expect any better. Plus they are souless so if they did it be a disaster in itself but then again most people are even today, these jokes get out of hand. Back to business.

ZSA Zombie Outbreak

Check out our FACEBOOK page, Our Twitter, our Youtube for more exciting features and much more coming soon!

prepare for the zombie apocalypse

Contact us for any questions, suggestions or zombie sightings!


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  1. How to survive a zombie attack with garden tools.

    Zombie Fallout (Mark Tufo)

    Please let us know if you would like to feature a Zombie Fallout exclusive .

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