Below are links to Scenarios created by Zombie Safe Area staff and special contributors whose names will be published aswell, some of them are experts in all things zombie, paranormal, construction, destruction, military and weapons. You will enjoy each and every one of these scenarios as if you are living them in real time! Take a look and see what we have in store for you!

Contego Pugna Victoria …. and then some!

Your Last Funeral


Scenarios of the Living Dead By LT Sully ZSA Special Ops


Below you will find links to all OUR TACTICAL DEFENSE SERIES. The BEST ways to fight the Undead zombies we give you the BEST chances, by giving you the best defense ideas !  Stay Zombie Free!

Contego Pugna Victoria!

LET THE Z EAT 168 By Kashwak

Spiked Club Vs Steel Mace