Zombie Safe Area- An Introduction

Zombie Safe Area

Building The Zombie Safe Areas Worldwide For You And Your Loved Ones!

Welcome to our WordPress Blog Website for Zombie Safe Area Global Division! 

Who are we exactly? Are we keeping the Zombies safe? Oh hell no, we are keeping           humans safe from them Zombies! The last thing we want is people to get bitten by those walking pounds of decomposing monsters. I say that with a certain feeling of respect because after all those zombies were once people like you and me, and you may even recognize your friends your family, neighbors & celebrities among them! Its so sad they got bit and infected! :o(

Zombie Safe Area’s story? Well it all started out in July 2011. A Zombie defense page was created on facebook , it was to get together as many people as possible to prepare places, towns, buildings, even entire cities as safe zones against zombies!  Read our mission statement here: ZSA OUR MISSION   Our main page is actually our facebook page found here: Zombie Safe Area It remains our main way of reaching out to people all around the world! Many of the posts from there will be the ones re posted here on our word press, but we will have some unique ones here also!

We are constantly keeping our eyes and ears wide open to anything happening in the World and Universe around us. Any one thing, or two or more things could trigger the Zombie Outbreak and eventually the Zombie Apocalypse. We have our radars on all events, local and world news, from the smallest incident to the bigger ones. The minute there has been a real zombie sighting  ZSA Command will be alerted and our members will be contacted how to get to the nearest safe area!  Preparation is everything; we cannot stress that enough and cannot afford to be caught by surprise!

Our team leaders who run the facebook page are also our main contributors to this website, notably D-Undertaker, Kashwak No-Fo and Double G. Some of us have been Zombie Expert-ising ourselves for over 20 years! Our specialties are various just as surviving a ZPOC will need many skills, with many natural resources! We simply cannot depend anymore on what we have today, most of it will be long gone before we know it! We need to have everything from water sources, to homegrown vegetables, to secure and fortified buildings! Without forgetting powerful defense capabilities. Therefore with our scientific, engineering, medical, military and agricultural capabilities that we have, makes us  ready for Z-Day!

We have allied ourselves with others zombie experts from around the world, we have formed a coalition with 3 other awesome Zombie Hunting websites and called it Zombie Outbreak Preparation & Education Coalition or  Z.O.P.E.C. for short. More on our coalition can be read here: Z.O.P.E.C.   Not to mention there are some skillfully written books by other friends of ours, and expert advice from some very knowledgeable zombie hunting teams! Cooperation we find makes us all that much stronger!

As one of our ZOPEC team leaders put it “Time to spread our zombie killin love”

Zombies themselves are a very old phenomenon, from the black magic Voodoo to the awesome movies of  George A Romero! The zombies of Haiti have mainly inspired the Living Dead trend, aswell as stories of Vampires.  Their originating sources come from the countries of Benin, (Benin is where most of the ancestors of Haitians come from)  Congo and Niger area, but in fact not limited to those places alone. We see in almost all old societies, existed similar sorcerer religions, but known by other names. From Ireland to Scandinavia, from China to Philippines, from the aborigines to India and even today found flourishing in places like South America!  Known as Zonbi, which means “animated corpse’’ the dark sorcerer a Bokor would conjure the astral spirit of the dead man/woman which is represented as a Voodoo snake called “Zombi” (no imagination in names there I tell you) and with the use several powders made from the puffer fish and the bones of dead people, the Bokor will turn a human being into a soulless slave!

Just as voodoo is spread all over the world, we Zombie Safe Area are also, and we spread ours with fun, humor and careful down to earth and workable zombie whacking programs. (Some of you are laughing right now)  The zombies have no idea what’s in store for come Z-Day, Zombie Safe Area will be having a party and the Zombies are not invited, if they wander our way, they will be scattered on their way, and by scattered I mean scattered in several pounds of meat fragments. Hopefully this is not putting any of you off for dinner!

Fear not Zombie Safe Area is here to protect you, fight for you and win this Z war for you!


(Yeah that’s Latin)

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