Launching our favorite books and movies review category!

Launching Our Favorite Books and Movie Reviews!

In this new category, you will find access to all our favorite books and movie reviews!  We actually will take time out of our busy zombie hunting, to sit and read and watch books, movies, TV series all FOR YOU!

Click below to take you to that page:

ZOMBIE SAFE AREA Favorite Books and Movies!

Yes you are all worth it and the authors, movie/TV  producers, directors and writers are also worth it and deserve to be honored when they do fine work!

Have fun and enjoy, we only review the best of the best, la créme de la créme!

Give us your very own feedback also, we would love to hear what you think of our reviews, your personal thoughts  on the same articles, and any books and movies TV series you think we should be reviewing also!

Take care and Stay Zombie Free!

Contego – Pugna – Victoria !

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