Kashwaks Quizzie Time: Quiz Of The Living Dead

Kashwaks Quizzie Time: Quiz Of The Living Dead

By the Guardian.co.uk

Kashwak No-Fo

Quiz of the living dead
It’s a big week for aficionados of the undead, as AMC’s Walking dead shuffles onto screens So there’s never been a better time to sink your teeth into our bloodthirsty zombie film quiz. See if you can dig up the answers to the following…


The WALKING DEAD Season 2 premiere!

The WALKING DEAD Season 2 premiere!

By D-Undertaker

The moment many of us have been waiting for months now! The WALKING DEAD season two premiere, starts tonight in the United States on AMC Fox Channels!  The adventure with our heroes continue, with 13 episodes this season, we are in for the fun and edge of your seat suspense the first season brought to our homes! Many people I’ve known, who didn’t care for zombies before, have become big fans of  zombies since this series came on TV !  Its a world wide success!  the Walking Dead is based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard! Three awesome people no doubt.  For those of you who will watch it, LET US KNOW what you thought of Episode 1, give us feedback on our Facebook page or here!

For those of you who will, ENJOY QUALITY FAMILY TIME with the DEAD!

Zombies hurt in Resident Evil film set accident !

Zombies hurt in Resident Evil film set accident!

By D-Undertaker

Its really scary when a paramedic looks at a bunch of actors playing zombies with fake injuries and scars, it sucks when those injuries are real & in need of real medical attention! What about for the actors you ask? Well it really really sucks for them! You wanted to be a bloody rotten scar ridden zombie; but only for pretend and then an accident on the set breaks your leg….for real! (Not in the good luck sense)  In a way it will make the new upcoming  RESIDENT EVIL: Retribution movie so much more! Still need to wait for September 2012 for it to come out! It is the highly anticipated 5th installment of the film series! Perhaps these injuries who knows are going to cause the real zombie apocalypse, I mean you gotta think and wonder, how many times does an accident like this happen on a well designed, well organized movie set? Hmmm….Kashwak’s conspiracy theories are getting to me, in fact he is the one who found this story and asked me to post it! LoL!

BBC News UK: Zombies hurt in Resident Evil film set accident 11 October 2011 Last updated at 23:57 GMT

People dressed as zombies take part in a "zombie walk" in Stockholm, Sweden - 12 June 2010 Zombies are beyond the dead, but apparently not beyond minor injury

Emergency crews called to an accident on a film set in Toronto were confronted with alarming blood and gore – but it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

Actors dressed as zombies for the latest Resident Evil film were injured when a high platform moved suddenly. “It did kind of catch us off-guard when we walked in,” said police Sergeant Andrew Gibson.

Twelve actors were taken to hospital with injuries ranging from bruising to a broken leg “I could see the look on the first paramedic, saying ‘Oh my God’,” Toronto emergency medical services Commander David Ralph told Associated Press news agency. The accident happened when the zombie actors were moving between two platforms at the Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto and a gap opened up, police said.

Seven of the injured zombies were walking again on the set later in the day.

See Original story & video here: BBC NEWS UK ZOMBIES RESIDENT EVIL

Practice For Z-Day

Practice For Z-Day

By D-Undertaker

Mauritius: Wednesday October 12 2011. A Tsunami Drill was carried out in the village of Albion, Mauritius. A mock drill held in 21 nations of the Indian Ocean, India included. It was a perfect drill for a Zombie Outbreak!

Mauritian Police Constable discussing with residents. MBC.MU TV

In India Srinivasa Kumar, head of the tsunami warning division at the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services in Hyderabad said: “We’re going to simulate a scenario in which tsunami waves similar to those of December 26, 2004, are heading our way again,”

This event caught my attention, for the simple fact it had every aspect of a Z-Day evacuation to it! The international simulation exercise, involving 21 countries of the Indian Ocean area, was aimed at testing the authorities preparedness, communications and response and reaction times of a hypothetical mock tsunami disaster. Coastal Meteorology, Climatology, Geophysics, police, medical emergency, special mobile force, fire department, CEB, red cross and other similar important authorities were all involved aswell as people in the designated towns in those nations. It was successful as far as the village of  2500 residents called Albion in Mauritius is concerned: and we hear it was a success in the other countries participating in it. The Exercise was organized by the UNESCO Inter Governmental oceanographic Commission.

Albion, Mauritius. Hotel La Plantation

In fact very similar procedures would be taken for a real Z-Outbreak. All people, adults & children would have to seek higher ground, closed protected spaces that would keep zombies out. They would have to move fast.  Only practice can make that happen, without multiple accidents from happening. Preparation, readiness, yes often repeated in our posts here at Zombie Safe Area, but it cannot be stressed enough. Readiness is the cue  used in all militaries around the world, it is well known! No one knows what will cause the zombie ourtbreak, let alone how it will strike and how fast, but good sense will tell you once one person is infected, it wont take long for others to get infected, as the infection usually takes very little time to show its hungry ugly head after the person has ceased to live his, or her last breath.

These types of drill exercises should be done EVERYWHERE and more often, they are good for all kinds of  emergencies; whether they be tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, or  even an invasion by thousands of rabid raccoons.  Sensitize people to the need to be prepared!


“Let the Z eat 168”

“Let the Z eat 168”

By Kashwak No-Fo

Ok people, it’s now time to let you in on the 168 hour theory.  This is my personal theory on how best to tackle the undead menace at your  doors.  This is based on 2 fundamental premises.


From a tactical standpoint, come Z-Day itself you know nothing.  How fast, how clever, how strong and most importantly, how to kill Zombies.  Do you really want to be that guy stood out in the street with guns failing, just to realise bullets don’t work, or that head shots are no good, and that, in fact, you actually have to blow their left kneecap out?
The first 168hrs will be CRUCIAL to gain intel, food, supplies and to fortify your bug out point.  Stealth and planning would be the best use of time.  Also, the less people on the streets in the first 168 hrs the less Z’s for us to mop up.  That very first week the streets would be full of panic and chaos.  You would be just as likely to get killed by a person as a you might by a Zombie!
By all means have your fun, but keep safe as ever.  Knowledge is power in any situation, and if you fail to plan you fail!


Is based on The Ministry of Zombies reasearch into the 3 stages of the zombic condition.
I would rather take on stage 2 than stage 1, or 3 and this fits into the 168hr time frame.


TACTICAL DEFENSE Spiked Club Vs Steel Mace

Tactical-Defense Wooden Spiked Club VS Steel Mace.


In our first TACTICAL DEFENSE post on our wordpress site, we bring a post originally made on facebook by ZSA about wooden spiked clubs and iron steel maces. A favorite weapon in medieval wars and battles.

Not really one vs the other, but whatever you can get your hands on. Personally I chose the steel mace.

The Spiked Club and the Iron Mace as far as our people at ZSA can see, are two of the best weapons against Zombies for close combat operations. It is sturdy, long, has spikes and is tough rigid! Doesnt jam, doesnt need amo, doesnt need cleaning or crack like a knife or machette could after repeated whacking against zombie bones and flesh. Just as medieval soldiers used them. They are awesome looking and with some good training could save your life and the life of your family when you are attacked by the walking dead !

Just remember we are dealing with flesh eating zombies, if its training you need get it now, these are not weapons found easily, but I have seen them at weapons and gun shows in the United States.   Hitting a zombie isnt hitting a tree, bones are smaller and more fragile in zombies then even in living humans, getting stuck is less of a probability so we dont think the mace or club would get stuck in the bones because if they do, then you will have a small stressful time removing it!  A baseball bat is also excellent and easier to find and keep without it scratching peoples skins of by error, basically a baseball bat is a spiked club without the spikes!  But when there are zombies marching towards you would you rather have a baseball bat or a spiked club? Think well why were they so popular in medieval war times? And their use was against people, they have been tested in battle for centuries!

Remember anything in close combat with Zombies could be counter productive. It is best to use a shooting rifle of some kind when possible. What we are saying is when you have no choice but to get into close physical combat what weapon are you going to want? Do you think any other weapon around is better for smashing a zombies head? You need enough strike power to avoid having to keep whacking!   Again we are talking about CLOSE COMBAT whatever you do, you can get hit with blood and brains even if you use a bat,  hammer or even a pencil! You would do best getting something that will avoid you getting too close.

You need to wear protective clothing, and masks whenever possible, Hazmat suits or similiar, be creative even a garbage bag will do when nothing else is available. In our tactical protection series we will have a Hazmat vs NBC suit article.

Also in a future post continuing the hand to hand human vs zombie battle weapons, will be hammers vs , the Axe vs SOG hatchet, the Spear vs Sword (yes you heard right) aswell as other defense weapons that will save you from getting bit by the UNDEAD!


Read the article how to build these fine weapons from Zombie Safe Areas own Hand to hand combat weapons specialistChristopher Pape! Building-your-spiked-club-and-solid-steel-mace



Building your spiked club and solid steel mace.

Making a Wooden Spiked Club and Steel Mace the Post Zpoc Way.

By Christopher Pape

Zombie Safe Area’s Hand To Hand Weapons Specialist

As far as the spiked club and mace go, they can be made many ways. The medieval way is fairly easy if you have basic forge skills. Or the post Zompoc way……

The Post Zpoc Way

Ok the simplest way to make a spiked club would be to use a simple baseball bat or round piece of hardwood like oak or redwood. The spikes are gunna be fairly easy to obtain. I used Spikes from a dog collar. They are tough but not too long to get stuck in bone . I basically used an elongated bolt that fits the spike. I also cut off the head if the bolt to attach another spike on the other side. They will tighten themselves in. Repeat as many times you want with out compromising the woods strength. TA-DA! Super easy and the chrome looks awesome too.

The Solid steel mace however is a bit tougher. If you have access to a welder life got much easier. Oxy/acetylene torch welders are great if you have a guy that knows how to use them. I used a jr sized shot put. It weighs 4lbs and is easy to weld. Once again tog collar spikes worked the best for me. I welded the spikes onto the ball and then welded an old natural gas pipe to it.