Building your spiked club and solid steel mace.

Making a Wooden Spiked Club and Steel Mace the Post Zpoc Way.

By Christopher Pape

Zombie Safe Area’s Hand To Hand Weapons Specialist

As far as the spiked club and mace go, they can be made many ways. The medieval way is fairly easy if you have basic forge skills. Or the post Zompoc way……

The Post Zpoc Way

Ok the simplest way to make a spiked club would be to use a simple baseball bat or round piece of hardwood like oak or redwood. The spikes are gunna be fairly easy to obtain. I used Spikes from a dog collar. They are tough but not too long to get stuck in bone . I basically used an elongated bolt that fits the spike. I also cut off the head if the bolt to attach another spike on the other side. They will tighten themselves in. Repeat as many times you want with out compromising the woods strength. TA-DA! Super easy and the chrome looks awesome too.

The Solid steel mace however is a bit tougher. If you have access to a welder life got much easier. Oxy/acetylene torch welders are great if you have a guy that knows how to use them. I used a jr sized shot put. It weighs 4lbs and is easy to weld. Once again tog collar spikes worked the best for me. I welded the spikes onto the ball and then welded an old natural gas pipe to it.



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