Chemical Plant on Fire in Texas! Z day ALERT!

Chemical Plant on Fire in Texas! Z day ALERT!

A chemical plant in none other than a town with the name of  WAXAHACHIE, TX. Causes black and orange plumes of smoke and huge fireball explosions.  Local residents have been evacuated, school children included. Local fire chief stated he wasnt sure what caused the fire as of yet.  Not a laughing  matter residents in that town, not far from Dallas will no doubt suffer some bad ill effects from such a fire that is hopefully being contained. What we at ZSA fear is that the chemicals in that fire might hurt us all in an unexpected way, or rather just a a frightful reminder of the dangers of these fires, that could one day affect the Z-Apocalypse! So far no injuries have been reported!

Zombie defense experts at ZSA and other places, have long feared this kind of fire. It has been known for a while now, that one of the causes of Z-Day may very well be a fallout from a Chemical, Bio, Laser, sound wave experiment or Nuclear test, attack, or similar. If any of the chemicals in that fire contain segments of chemicals that effect the brain stem in humans, we may be creating zombies in living people. We explain this further by saying that the brain stem is accepted by all zombie experts as the part that controls all zombies, even the most primordial zombies, no matter the cause of the zombie strain, it is always the brain stem that is activated and affected. In fact it is probably there that a “sickness” is caused that makes them/us into zombies.  The brain stem (Truncus Encephali in latin) located in the posterior (bottom) of the brain is the main part of the brain that handles traffic for motor and sensual contact. In other words feeling, touch, sensing, pain, the heart, breathing, awareness, consciousness need I say more? It is directly linked to the spinal cord, that goes down our our  back, linking to our entire nervous system! Once a zombie virus controls the brain stem, the person ceases to exist and turns to its primal needs like a wild beast, except we are not wild beasts who have an inborn programming to do or not do somethings, we are intelligent beings (well sort of lol) so when we lose our “awareness” our “consciousness” do we become animals? No, we become zombies! Flesh seeking hungry walking dead! Lets please tell our local politicians to insure safety on all chemical plants, this type of tragedy is unacceptable and the ones who caused this, be the reasons negligence or criminal intent they need to be punished severely!

Today we pray for the residents of that Texas town, this horrible event is simply deplorable. Here is a news report from ABC News Channel 13 News KTRK-TV Houston, TX.

-D-Undertaker ZSA

Large fire at chemical plant outside Dallas

Monday, October 03, 2011


WAXAHACHIE, TX — A fire at a chemical plant south of Dallas shot massive plumes of black smoke and bright orange flames into the sky Monday, forcing schoolchildren and residents to evacuate or take cover indoors to avoid possible exposure to dangerous gases.

Flames engulfed a large complex at a Magnablend, Inc., facility in Waxahachie, about 30 miles south of Dallas, where the fast-moving blaze consumed a fire truck at the scene and flames neared railroad tracks alongside the property.

Magnablend spokesman Donald Golden told WFAA-TV that the 25 to 30 employees who were inside a warehouse at the plant evacuated safely when the fire broke out before 11 a.m. Golden said the company manufactures about 200 products, including some that are hazardous when ignited, but there was no immediate word on what caused the blaze.

“I can only speculate on what’s going on inside that building right now,” Golden said of the 100,000-square-foot warehouse.

Waxahachie Fire Department spokeswoman Amy Hollywood said there were no reports of injuries in the area by midafternoon. Officials could not say for sure what was burning.

“It’s the building that’s burning, and there’s chemicals inside, multiple kinds of chemicals,” Hollywood said. “Saying which kind would be speculative.”

Authorities ordered residents closest to the plant to evacuate, while others were advised to stay inside with doors and windows shut.

Jessenia Colin, an assistant general manager at a nearby Hampton Inn and Suites, said hotel staff members were turning off air vents so smoke and chemicals didn’t enter the rooms. As they waited for news and watched the smoke billow, staff covered their mouths to protect against the heavy chemical smell that hung in the air, she said.

“It smells like a whole bunch of chemicals, like wrappers burning,” Colin said. “It’s making everyone’s heads hurt.”

Stephanie Otto said she was preparing her new restaurant for a Tuesday opening about a quarter-mile from the plant when she heard sirens and walked outside to see a “huge plume.” She said she could hear what sounded like gun shots for about 15 minutes, and there was a strong smell of ammonia.

“It was huge,” Otto said. “It looked like an atomic bomb went off.”

(Copyright ©2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

See the rest of the story from originnal source:  Large fire at chemical plant outside Dallas

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