“Let the Z eat 168”

“Let the Z eat 168”

By Kashwak No-Fo

Ok people, it’s now time to let you in on the 168 hour theory.  This is my personal theory on how best to tackle the undead menace at your  doors.  This is based on 2 fundamental premises.


From a tactical standpoint, come Z-Day itself you know nothing.  How fast, how clever, how strong and most importantly, how to kill Zombies.  Do you really want to be that guy stood out in the street with guns failing, just to realise bullets don’t work, or that head shots are no good, and that, in fact, you actually have to blow their left kneecap out?
The first 168hrs will be CRUCIAL to gain intel, food, supplies and to fortify your bug out point.  Stealth and planning would be the best use of time.  Also, the less people on the streets in the first 168 hrs the less Z’s for us to mop up.  That very first week the streets would be full of panic and chaos.  You would be just as likely to get killed by a person as a you might by a Zombie!
By all means have your fun, but keep safe as ever.  Knowledge is power in any situation, and if you fail to plan you fail!


Is based on The Ministry of Zombies reasearch into the 3 stages of the zombic condition.
I would rather take on stage 2 than stage 1, or 3 and this fits into the 168hr time frame.


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