Practice For Z-Day

Practice For Z-Day

By D-Undertaker

Mauritius: Wednesday October 12 2011. A Tsunami Drill was carried out in the village of Albion, Mauritius. A mock drill held in 21 nations of the Indian Ocean, India included. It was a perfect drill for a Zombie Outbreak!

Mauritian Police Constable discussing with residents. MBC.MU TV

In India Srinivasa Kumar, head of the tsunami warning division at the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services in Hyderabad said: “We’re going to simulate a scenario in which tsunami waves similar to those of December 26, 2004, are heading our way again,”

This event caught my attention, for the simple fact it had every aspect of a Z-Day evacuation to it! The international simulation exercise, involving 21 countries of the Indian Ocean area, was aimed at testing the authorities preparedness, communications and response and reaction times of a hypothetical mock tsunami disaster. Coastal Meteorology, Climatology, Geophysics, police, medical emergency, special mobile force, fire department, CEB, red cross and other similar important authorities were all involved aswell as people in the designated towns in those nations. It was successful as far as the village of  2500 residents called Albion in Mauritius is concerned: and we hear it was a success in the other countries participating in it. The Exercise was organized by the UNESCO Inter Governmental oceanographic Commission.

Albion, Mauritius. Hotel La Plantation

In fact very similar procedures would be taken for a real Z-Outbreak. All people, adults & children would have to seek higher ground, closed protected spaces that would keep zombies out. They would have to move fast.  Only practice can make that happen, without multiple accidents from happening. Preparation, readiness, yes often repeated in our posts here at Zombie Safe Area, but it cannot be stressed enough. Readiness is the cue  used in all militaries around the world, it is well known! No one knows what will cause the zombie ourtbreak, let alone how it will strike and how fast, but good sense will tell you once one person is infected, it wont take long for others to get infected, as the infection usually takes very little time to show its hungry ugly head after the person has ceased to live his, or her last breath.

These types of drill exercises should be done EVERYWHERE and more often, they are good for all kinds of  emergencies; whether they be tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, or  even an invasion by thousands of rabid raccoons.  Sensitize people to the need to be prepared!


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