Zombies hurt in Resident Evil film set accident !

Zombies hurt in Resident Evil film set accident!

By D-Undertaker

Its really scary when a paramedic looks at a bunch of actors playing zombies with fake injuries and scars, it sucks when those injuries are real & in need of real medical attention! What about for the actors you ask? Well it really really sucks for them! You wanted to be a bloody rotten scar ridden zombie; but only for pretend and then an accident on the set breaks your leg….for real! (Not in the good luck sense)  In a way it will make the new upcoming  RESIDENT EVIL: Retribution movie so much more! Still need to wait for September 2012 for it to come out! It is the highly anticipated 5th installment of the film series! Perhaps these injuries who knows are going to cause the real zombie apocalypse, I mean you gotta think and wonder, how many times does an accident like this happen on a well designed, well organized movie set? Hmmm….Kashwak’s conspiracy theories are getting to me, in fact he is the one who found this story and asked me to post it! LoL!

BBC News UK: Zombies hurt in Resident Evil film set accident 11 October 2011 Last updated at 23:57 GMT

People dressed as zombies take part in a "zombie walk" in Stockholm, Sweden - 12 June 2010 Zombies are beyond the dead, but apparently not beyond minor injury

Emergency crews called to an accident on a film set in Toronto were confronted with alarming blood and gore – but it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

Actors dressed as zombies for the latest Resident Evil film were injured when a high platform moved suddenly. “It did kind of catch us off-guard when we walked in,” said police Sergeant Andrew Gibson.

Twelve actors were taken to hospital with injuries ranging from bruising to a broken leg “I could see the look on the first paramedic, saying ‘Oh my God’,” Toronto emergency medical services Commander David Ralph told Associated Press news agency. The accident happened when the zombie actors were moving between two platforms at the Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto and a gap opened up, police said.

Seven of the injured zombies were walking again on the set later in the day.

See Original story & video here: BBC NEWS UK ZOMBIES RESIDENT EVIL

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