The Arab Zombie Awakening one year ago today……

The Arab Zombie Awakening one year ago today……

By The Phant☣m

Today December 17th marks the start of the Arab Zombie Outbreak. It began with one man named Mohamed Bouazizi in the North African nation of Tunisia who discovering himself as a zombie, tried to put himself on fire, but he failed and the infection spread all over Tunisia, men and women and even children all infected! A great Tunisian leader called Zine El Abedine Ben Ali was eaten up by the zombies.  Classified as an epidemic by world health officials, it quickly turned into a pandemic level 7, worst kind! (As if I even know what I’m talking about)  It spread all over to Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, even Israel and Syria. It turns out that the Police and Military and leaders have all been infected, some like Gaddafi have been for decades now we all knew that. The semi infected police now battle the infected populations, both claim to be good, both are infact seriously infected.

The infection has somehow spread to the United States and we saw them invading New York in wallstreet, Oregon, California, and other places. In Russia it has begun also! The government in the middle east and people and media have often been criticizing western and Israelis for being unfair have proved that they are far worse! They have been killing even the non infected!  Not to mention raping and pillaging. Iran has been championing the “Zombie Islamic Awakening” because they as usual love PR lies pretending to be innocent but we all saw how they acted during the Green revolution, on non infected people! Chaos is spreading and the choice is left between zombie Dictators and zombie fanatics and the people seem to prefer zombie fanatics.  (Because people when infected with the Z-Virus cannot think properly) In Egypt Iran was hoping on the muslim brotherhood, their allies, despite the Sunni-Shi ite divide, but the “brilliant” Egyptian people wanted even worser people in power and elected seriously even more screwed up fanatics if you saw the news. There is very little hope if any at all. If this continues someone is going to nuke someone and that might just be a good thing. Put an end to the Middle Eastern never ending crap once and for all! Its like the arse of the world sometimes!

The Phant☣m  Zombie Safe Area Special Investigations division.



 By Kashwak No-Fo


It was a spectacular event, the 2011 Crawl Of The Dead walk in Herne Bay, in Kent England ! The zombies were out in full force, the nice small quiet town of Kent was now full of the walking dead and among them was our own Kelvin Kashwak No-Fo Meller, his wife Kay and friend Lex representing Zombie Safe Area! We were indeed proud to have pariticipated in publicizing this event and in the video below you will not only see Kashwak and co, but credits to us! We thank the organizers for everything! All for a good charitable cause and so much zombie fun!

Interview conducted by 3 way chat on Facebook 1/11/11 

Gerald McCarthy, Dave Ware, Scott Turner

Hello guys, so I can get all 3 points of view I’m gonna post questions on here over the next day and put together interview from this …..

ST – Scott Turner

GM – Gerald McCarthy (Gez/Jez)

DW – Dave Ware

KM – Kelvin Meller (Interviewer)

Zombies need money for good charity lol Kent Air Ambulance!


Q1 – Ok first obvious one, how did it all start?

ST – As I remember it, Jez and I were chatting about Halloween and he mentioned a zombie crawl and both thought that would be cool. The next day I checked Facebook and there it was, the Zombie Facebook page was up. Jez had no choice, I was in!

GM – Too much red wine on a Sunday and a Hangover idea…

DW – , It started when gez started asking the question whose up for a zombie crawl around the bay, the angle I liked was getting people to do an event in a small town and prove we can do something.

 Q2 How many people told you it would never work? Or that you’d gone mad ??

ST -It wasn’t so much as they thought it wouldn’t work, just that we were mental. A few were worried it might just be us, but knew we wouldn’t mind.

GM – Wife said we’d gone mad, but mainly it was knowing how difficult it is to get people physically involved in something like this, in a small town like Herne Bay. We were all a little worried up until the day to be honest.

DW – , I think it was us that doubted it a bit, we just wondered if it would take off. Gez and Scott are mostly mad anyway 😉

Q3 did you run into many objections from local residents while planning?

ST – I think ‘normal’ people just didn’t see it coming, until it was too late. There were no objectin before or after!

GM – We didn’t tell them!

KM – lmfao classic

GM -What they didn’t know – they couldn’t object to!

KM -Very true

DW – No objections which surprised me a bit, there’s always someone ready to put pen to paper!

Q4 so at what point did they find out …….

ST – The point at which they thought they were about to be chewed on.

 GM – When 250 Zombies turned up in the middle of town.(g)

KM – Nice no wonder that guy in the kebab shop looked like his world had ended

DW – they started to find out mostly through facebook and local papers were very good and then you have Gez! lol

Q5 what was the local authority’s reaction to this?

ST – Once the call came in on the day before the crawl, they wanted to support us, but make sure it was safe. They also gave us a small police presence, which made for good footage and photos, see their grins!!

GM – They were concerned that we did not have the experience or expertise to manage a large crowd of people, so we had to ask friends and family to act as Marshals. The Police also asked for a route map just so they could be on standby.

DW – Local authority were quite until near the end, infact i was surprised by that……in a good way.

Q6 What was your main source of promotion for the crawl?

ST – Facebook, Jez’s videos and Morrisons advertising board which Jez had a strange fetish about keeping tidy. He stealthier made three different posters or quite different to maximise the space available. I joined in operation ‘Pin Board tidy’ whenever I was doing my shopping.

GM – Video promotions, a range of posters, and of course – Facebook!

KM -Send me one if you have any left 🙂

DW – main source i would say was facebook and bringing it over as a family event. I thought the fact of Gez’s videos was always a talking point for people.

Q7 Why Kent air ambulance as your charity of choice?

ST – I think Dave and Gez like this one, I wanted to save the lesser spotted field mouse, but was overruled.

GM – I used my Halloween collection a couple of years ago when I turned my garage in to a Dungeon, and we chose the Kent Air Ambulance then. I suppose it’s because people forget that this service is not government funded at all – it relies solely on charitable donations to operate! The main promo poster we put up and spread on facebook, as well as all around town is this one: 


DW – Kent air ambulance is always a good charity to give to. People respond to that cause.

Q8 where and when did your fascination / obsession with zombies first start (films shows comics)

ST – Early 80s, older brother secretly renting out Zombie Flesh Eaters and The Evil Dead and me watching through the crack in the door. Mr Bruce Campbell is a particular favourite of mine with a chin of beauty. My guilty pleasure is Army of Darkness, but not strictly a Zombie film at this point.

 GM – I was abroad, 9 years old and I wandered down the street in to a spanish cafe where they were watching the exorcist. That freaked me out for months, ever since then there seems to be a draw toward Zombies, a bit like overly spiced food – it burns, but you love it and keep coming back for more!  I can still remember being 8 and finding my brothers illegal pirate copy of the uncut evil dead he caught me so to teach me a lesson he forced me to watch DOTD mmmmm don’t think it quite worked the way he planned lmao

DW – The funny thing is I’m not a “fanatic” like some lol but what I do like is get togethers like when Gez hosts a Halloween party etc. What really got me involved is let’s “shake” Herne Bayup a bit and see if we can get a family night off the ground.

Q9 here’s a random one I’m planning on shooting a vid on household objects you can use come Z-day any ideas I will be doing a bad ideas bit on the end so give me one of each GOOD / BAD

ST – Good: Dyson hose, straight through the forward, brain sucked straight into that patented vortex of suction.

ST – Bad: Scrubbing them to death with a brillo pad.

KM – here’s a random one I’m planning on shooting a vid on household objects you can use come Zday any ideas I will be doing a bad ideas bit on the end so give me one of each GO

GM – Corr, that’s tricky, give me a few minutes…

GM A microwave on an extension lead jammed on to a Zombies head, wired to cook on full power till the head explodes. Silly one – Jamming a 12inch Buzz Light-year in to the rear of a Zombie’s head. (And taking a picture of the legs sticking out)

KM -I have 2 of them looks like buzz is in lol

GM -nice….

DW – Maybe a zombies hand in a blender? This is more Scotts thing!

Q10 you guys were running a competition for best zombie how were you planning to judge the participants ……..

ST – I saw Gez’s answer, let’s go with that 🙂

GM – Glad you asked, were going to do the “like” numbers on the photos on facebook, but that looks a bit tricky. We’ve got about 10 prizes to give away – could you tell us your favourite 5, and we’ll choose 5? We’re gonna give them to Zombie “groups” of people, that way, more people go away happy!

DW -as Gez said.

 Q11 what advise if any would you give to others planning a similar event in their towns.

ST – Target everyone, young to old, fanboys and families. As we found out, everyone enjoyed getting involved.

GM – There were 3 of us that really wanted to get this going, all with the same enthusiasm – get as many people involved in planning, advertising, charity collecting as you can, start advertising locally and on facebook at least 3/4 weeks before the event, change, and update posters constantly, email the posters to facebook friends and get them to print and stick up the posters at work, get the local papers to run a weekly build up to the event (we managed 3 consecutive weeks with almost half page editorials) See if you can a get posters up at a nearby university, If you can get video promos of the event, even better – post youtube links to other crawls to give them a feel for what one is, for make-up and costume tutorials, most of all push, push, push it all the way to the day itself.

DW – make it light hearted, make it a family event and find a kebab shop!

Q12 what does the future hold for zombies in Herne Bay

ST – I reckon we’re on to a new Herne Bay yearly tradition that has the potential to grow and grow.

GM- The future is bright…the future is more Zombies, loads more Zombies and a giant event next year.

DW- yeah a lot of what Gez has said, we went in “blind” on this one and came away very happy. Think the children wont let this go away the zombie children will demand another Zombie Crawl!

KM -Ok a couple of serious Zday questions

ZQ1 do you think a zombie apocalypse is a possibility if so where and what would be it’s cause

 GM -I think history has shown than mankind can kill, on a large scale. Viruses mutate in different ways each year around the globe. If there was a specific virus that spread to our brains that could specifically target certain decision making areas of the mind in a bad way – possibly, but only very remotely. Where – major cities spread the virus the most quickly due to dense populations, when. Who could just be tomorrow.

DW Yes its possible , probably starting round Gez or scotts house when people get fed up with them lol

ZQ2 your wife has been bit do you

A) shoot her straight in the head

B) wait for her to turn and shoot her in the head

C) keep her as a pet in the basement

GM -Wait for her to turn, otherwise I’ll have make my OWN tea

DW –  I think C, though it would probably end up me being the pet! lol

ZQ3 easy one for all 3, Favourite zombie top 3 films

GM -Evil Dead, Night of The Living Dead, 28 days later

DW – Evil dead Braindead and of course shaun of the dead!

ZQ 4 Who’s survival guide max brooks or Sean T Page (hint sneaky plug) ray mears or do you have any other suggestions??

GM -Sean T Page I would say…

ZQ 5 fortify or bug out , if your buggin out where are you going?

GM – I’m going out all guns blazing mate.

DW – I’ll stand behind Gez…or Scott! lol

Last one …..….Anyone you’d like thank or anything you’d like to add ?

GM – I’d like to thank all the adults and Kids that made the special effort to do something positive for Herne Bay. There’s lots of doom and gloom in the world and for a few hours on Saturday 29th October we saw lots of people having a great time. I’d like to thank 2000ad magazine and Sean T Page for their prizes which will shortly be going to some worthy Zombies. I’d like to thank Scott Turner and Dave Ware, without the collective madness of the three of us, this event could never have happened. I’d like to thank the Zombie Safe Area Team for their help in promoting the event and for bringing to our attention their great, funny web pages. And the Lego Zombie Outbreak Team for their amazing displays and for agreeing to send me one of their cool Zombie Lego Men. (please)


KM – as soon as you have idea for dates of next one tell the ministry of zombies and they will attend en mass

GM -Will do, cheers.

KM -See who says you can’t do an interview on a roof over London lmao

GM -ha ha…quality

DW – Evil dead Braindead and of course shaun of the dead!

DW – Last bit.…I’d like to thank Gez, Scott and all our families for getting in the spirit. The local papers, facebook! Dave Hammond for coming up with great photos but most of all the people of Herne bay for coming out taking part, giving donations etc and making the dream a reality and of course you guys making the trip down!

KM – Nice I’ll email over when edited thanks for stepping up and making a difference it’s not many people can do what you did well done

ST – Nice one!

GM I’m going all goooey…

DW -He was talking to me lads…;-) (russ abbott at his best)

GM ha ha…

DW- or we could be the Three stooges! lol

GM – more like it!

ST – I’m too young to know who they are.

GM – Ho ho


Funny moment in prep of Crawl of the Dead, Kashwak & co's cloths stained for effect hanging in the yard.....I wonder if my neighbours have phoned the cops yet........ ☣Kashwak☣
The crew are coming .......... Lex, Kashwak, Kay.

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