The Arab Zombie Awakening one year ago today……

The Arab Zombie Awakening one year ago today……

By The Phant☣m

Today December 17th marks the start of the Arab Zombie Outbreak. It began with one man named Mohamed Bouazizi in the North African nation of Tunisia who discovering himself as a zombie, tried to put himself on fire, but he failed and the infection spread all over Tunisia, men and women and even children all infected! A great Tunisian leader called Zine El Abedine Ben Ali was eaten up by the zombies.  Classified as an epidemic by world health officials, it quickly turned into a pandemic level 7, worst kind! (As if I even know what I’m talking about)  It spread all over to Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, even Israel and Syria. It turns out that the Police and Military and leaders have all been infected, some like Gaddafi have been for decades now we all knew that. The semi infected police now battle the infected populations, both claim to be good, both are infact seriously infected.

The infection has somehow spread to the United States and we saw them invading New York in wallstreet, Oregon, California, and other places. In Russia it has begun also! The government in the middle east and people and media have often been criticizing western and Israelis for being unfair have proved that they are far worse! They have been killing even the non infected!  Not to mention raping and pillaging. Iran has been championing the “Zombie Islamic Awakening” because they as usual love PR lies pretending to be innocent but we all saw how they acted during the Green revolution, on non infected people! Chaos is spreading and the choice is left between zombie Dictators and zombie fanatics and the people seem to prefer zombie fanatics.  (Because people when infected with the Z-Virus cannot think properly) In Egypt Iran was hoping on the muslim brotherhood, their allies, despite the Sunni-Shi ite divide, but the “brilliant” Egyptian people wanted even worser people in power and elected seriously even more screwed up fanatics if you saw the news. There is very little hope if any at all. If this continues someone is going to nuke someone and that might just be a good thing. Put an end to the Middle Eastern never ending crap once and for all! Its like the arse of the world sometimes!

The Phant☣m  Zombie Safe Area Special Investigations division.

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