The Zombie Outbreak in North Korea!

The Zombie Outbreak in North Korea!

By D☣Undertaker

It really is no laughing matter what humans do to fill their stomach, but we believe the zombie outbreak has already started and for years now, in North Korea!

It has dawned over me for a few years now that North Korea’s demonic communist policies, and cult like leadership might become the cause of the zombie outbreak.  The fact is it probably has already started. Add their screwy Nuclear weapons program to that equation plus a starving people and you get some pretty freaky zombies! The leaders of North Korea have been living in luxury, while their people are starving. We all know that in communist societies the police state is installed to keep the people from overturning the system. Well this has isolated the North Koreans from the world and even humanitarian help is often blocked. This has left hundreds of thousands if not millions to starve. The consequence?  More than one source has confirmed that people have begun to eat..other people!

CLICK ON THIS TO SEE AN ARTICLE ABOUT CANNIBALSIM IN NORTH KOREA Note the part where it says: “In one account, a male guard who could not bear his hunger killed his colleague using an ax, ate some of the human flesh and sold the remainder in the market by disguising it as mutton, the report said, without giving any further details such as when the alleged crime occurred.”

Cannibalism is being noted everywhere in North Korea. A few years ago some North Koreans escaping North Korea spoke of one village where they after going hungry for weeks found some cheap warm meat pies for sale. But the taste was unlike what they have ever eaten, it was rather sweet. They then realized it might be human! Makes me think of the famous Musical play “The Barber of Seville” A Barber living in a poor area, with scarce amounts of food begins to make and sell his meat pies made up of some of his unfortunate customers. If you havent seen it please do its awesome lol!  Ofcourse in history it isn’t the first place where cannibals have existed, Africa, Asia, South America, even Europe you can find historical data about it, zombies is not a phenomena that just started in this age, not at all! In most countries it has been outlawed for years now.

“when a family member would pass away, the funeral would consist of prayer rituals, mourning and then cooking & EATING dead grandma.”

On the National Geographic channel if I (D☣Undertaker) recall rightly there was a documentary of an African Gabonese man recounting how in the”good ol days” when a family member would pass away, the funeral would consist of prayer rituals, mourning and then cooking & EATING dead grandma. In this case he spoke of his last funeral meal, his grandmother had died.  He noted that he understands why the Government put a stop to it,  but he sometimes wishes it continued as the meat was so sweet and tasty, he said with a nostalgic smile on his face. Sounds yum yum to y’all? lol

Today December 19th 2011 we learnt that The North Korean leader Kim Jong IL died last Saturday, December 17th! We are still working to confirm if it was the Z-Virus, will keep you all posted! LoL another dead head bites the dust…..  You will have all seen the weeping north Korean people, and that overly dramatic tv news woman crying also, y’all have to understand one thing most people in North Korea have been secluded from the world, they have been exposed only to the North Korean officials. They have been so enslaved to dependence that they end up looking up ONLY to their leader. Classic Monarchy, Dictatorship, Mafia and Communism stlye. Kim Jong Il’s own father (Kim Il-Sung) was known as the CREATOR OF THE WORLD, and Kim Jong Il the CREATOR OF THE WEATHER. They were in fact personified as “GODS like” in North Korea. When you brainwash people enough from the age of 1 years old onwards, you dont need to wonder why the people stay loyal to you for so long.  The angry starving people, who have been forced to cannibalism in other parts will never be shown on tv, but dont get me wrong the sad crying folks you see may very well be sincere as I explained above, North Korea was like one huge cult.

Kim Jong Un North Korea's New Leader
Kim Jong IL Dead leader

The former cook of Kim Jong IL Kenji Fujimoto who ran away to Japan years ago, has exposed the lavish lifestyle of the North Korean leader. Himself the cook is now using a fake name, and constantly afraid of being assassinated by North Korean secret agents. He explains one meal would cost several thousands of US dollars. The dozens or so of palaces were laced in silk, chandeliers and what not.  Perhaps the only hope left is that his son Kim Jong Un (the Koreans have got to stop using KIM in all their names, its getting really old) once told that cook, that “while we here are enjoying ourselves like kings, the people out there are suffering”  This may if the son is serious be the guy who opens North Korea to the world. Crossing our fingers, because you know what they say ”power corrupts” and Kim Jong Un may very well begin to enjoy being the “Father of the People” a little too much, as his predecessors did before him!

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