Z-ALERT Nuclear Submarine Accident!

Russian nuclear submarine fire ‘totally extinguished’ after day-long blaze

Friday, December 30 2011


This is simply an alert:   This  kind Nuclear Submarine accident of this kind could have a fallout one of these days that might cause the ZOMBIE OUTBREAK. We all need to be prepared and on alert at all times to act! Zombie Safe Area is keeping watch as promised on all events day and night!

This reminds us that Man Made disasters could totally be the cause of the Zombie Apocalypse.  Sometimes we meddle too much with parts of nature and Gods work that ought to be off limits to most so called scientists, and every now and then it bites back! Literally! Each and every individual is responsible for his or her actions, it they want to be called civilized. Those who are not civilized are bait as far I am concerned.

Not every disaster , not every climate change is man made as some would like us to believe, and then they make money out of it! But some of them are.  Simple we often behave like the world is a giant garbage at times. God wrath will be upon us. Natural occurrences or nuclear, biological, chemical or terrorism is also a natural consequence of having bad Karma!

Not all wars are the fault of who we all tend to blame it on. Dumb people love to blame everything on the government, economy, fanatics or the utmost  favorite of this dumb ass world, blaming Zionists, the New World Order, the West , or America.  Some of them are trying to fix it, while others are in the way! Nor do we need to constantly point fingers at even extremists be they jihadists or other. We all have at one time done something that has encouraged conflict! One reason is the impurity of man (and woman lol) who have lost all fear of whats good in this world and are attracting dark forces. Sounds too supernatural? It isn’t its natural. Nothing to do with your belief in a God or not. There are cosmic rules in the Universe, very much like someone playing with fire, innocent or not, you WILL GET BURNED! Blaming X, Y or Z wont do you or anyone you’re with any damn good. Just be FUCKING PREPARED!  If nothing happens, what do you have to lose to having been prepared? Nothing! In the military the instructor is sometimes very harsh with new recruits, that is because most of the rules of battle, have been learnt  in blood, mistakes have re-written the rules again & again, not just for you, but for your team,  squad, platoon, and sometimes the entire country!

Tough words for this NEW YEAR, because life is tough and some of us  have been to hell and back, and then back again! So spare your cry baby tears and take it from the tough ones! “If you love someone, then be prepared to defend them” That should be easy to do, but believe me panic gets the very frigging best of us when it frigging happens, that’s why the fucking hard words! So don’t you fuck around! Panic will get you and everyone else who follow you killed or hurt  and in a bloody hospital or worse! So stop panicking and do something smart dammit!


D☣Undertaker Zombie Safe Area.

Russian nuclear submarine fire ‘totally extinguished’ after day-long blaze

  Dec 30, 2011 – 8:21 PM ET | Last Updated: Dec 30, 2011 10:49 PM ET

By Andrei Pronin

AFP/Getty ImagesRussia said on Friday it had doused a raging blaze aboard a nuclear submarine after nearly a full day and night, by partially submerging the vessel after battling the flames with water from helicopters and tug boats.

There was no radiation leak and crew inside the submarine were monitoring the stricken vessel’s nuclear reactors which had been shut down, Russian officials said.

At least nine people were injured fighting the flames which witnesses quoted by local media said rose 10 meters above the Yekaterinburg submarine at the navy ship yard in the Murmansk region of northern Russia.

“The fire on the submarine has been totally extinguished,” Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu told officials leading the firefighting effort, more than twenty hours after the blaze began Thursday afternoon at 1220 GMT.

His remarks were reported by Interfax news agency.

Emergency officials decided to partially submerge the 18,200-tonne Yekaterinburg submarine at the Roslyakovo dock, one of the main dockyards of Russia’s Northern Fleet, 1,500 km (900 miles) north of Moscow, after hours of fighting the fire.

Russia’s nuclear submarine fleet, once the pride of the Soviet Union’s mighty armed forces, has been involved in a host of disasters including the sinking of the Kursk nuclear submarine in 2000 with the loss of all 118 people on board.

Official statements were vague, but the blaze is believed to have started when wooden scaffolding caught fire during welding repairs to the 167-meter (550 feet) Yekaterinburg submarine, which had been hoisted into a dry dock.

President Dmitry Medvedev ordered an investigation into the incident, the Kremlin said.


The submarine, which launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from the Barents Sea at a firing range as recently as July, can carry 16 ballistic missiles, each with four warheads, and a crew of 140.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said all its weapons had been removed before repairs started and its nuclear reactors were shut down.

“Radiation indicators are within normal levels. There is no threat to the local population,” the Emergencies Ministry said in a statement. Russian submarines’ reactors are built to withstand enormous shocks and high temperatures.

Part of the crew was onboard the submarine to check carbon dioxide levels, the temperature and to ensure the safety of the nuclear reactors.

“Part of the crew remains on board and is carrying out regular monitoring every 30 minutes of the situation in the nuclear submarine and around it,” Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

The Yekaterinburg is a Delta IV class submarine. Russia’s Northern Fleet was established under the Soviet Union to watch over European waters and was armed during the Cold War against threats from NATO.

The navy was criticized by Russia’s political leaders following the Kursk disaster for failing to give accurate information about the true nature of the disaster.

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