The Cbaggery

Well, week 2 is down. But I’m not sure whether it’s successful or not: I did a digital painting this week, but it’s *not* the painting I wanted to do.

With my spectacular success last week, I was completely over confident… and ended up biting off *alot* more than I can chew. I wanted to do a ‘painterly’ painting this week – experiment with new tools, and new techniques – but the scope of what I wanted to do faaaar exceeded the time I had available.

My hubris got the best of me. I have been hoist by my own petard. :/

My mantra during this whole process is ‘No excuses’, so I had no way to back out… instead I started playing with the tools and discovered some interesting things were happening. So, I kept going. And this is the result 🙂

My inspiration this week was the Season…

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