zsa X masWe wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings in this cheerful and joyful occasion celebrated all over the world. Whether you celebrate the Birth of Christ, or simply the traditions or its pagan origins it doesnt matter its glad tidings to all even zombies! Remember stay safe this Christmas, observe safe driving and above all watch your back the zombies dont care you are having fun all they want is to bite you and eat you and then do the same over and over again.

I was just invited to a lunch enjoyed some great food with some great company of Americans, Togolese, Portuguese, Filipinos Malaysians, Malagasy and Mauritians.  Delicious food. More importantly the spirit of Christmas of sharing and loving one another. The power here in Africa is bad and the lights went off more than once, but amazingly the Christmas Tree lights stayed on, that fuse didnt pop! Our host named Mario said its the real Christmas spirit! Everyone agreed, plus he was the host, so everyone agreed lol.



This is the second Christmas without the Santa of The Walking Dead tv series.  Hershel Greene and we all miss him. He was a character everyone grew to love.  He wasnt Santa but he looked so much like one lol.  Atleast he has now been reunited with his daughter Beth Greene, she wasnt so popular but it was sad to see her go.  However its just a tv series not to be taken for real andimages there are plenty of them out there to keep us busy,  but still I made this photo below as a tribute to Hershel as he rings the bell to distract the zombies away from the zombie safe area and we always remember Spaghetti Tuesday, every Wednesday that he started!



Once again, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays as its also Hanukkah and an early Happy New Year to one and all!



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