Tsunamis are like a Giant Metahorde of Zombies.

Tsunamis are like a Giant Metahorde of Zombies.

10 Years anniversary when a Zombie like Metahorde made of water killed thousands


10 Years ago a Tsunami in the Indian Ocean killed over 200 000 people, injured several hundred thousand more and destroyed lives. Remember a Tsunami and natural disaster is exactly like a zombie outbreak, sometimes striking faster and deadlier with very little to no time to bug out or bug in. Whether the increases in such events is due to climate change or not, and whether climate change is natural or man made or both doesnt matter when it comes it willdrowning kill you regardless of your political positions lol. These have been happening since forever but there were less people affected as the population was less crowded. The best way to prepare for such attacks is to know what to do in the event of a Tsunami alert.

8858__new-posters-wachowski-siblings-cloud-atlas-impossibleA good movie I watched about the event starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor called The Impossible is a good choice and well done.  Will really thrill on one had then you will feel the distress, pain and heartbreak that everyone, tourists and local people felt, losing a loved one, finding a loved one, seeing a loved one in pain. This is a disaster movie that really captures the “apocalypse. ” 3 Thumbs up from me. lol


Today commemorations take place all over Asia and other nations as members of many nations fell victim to this disaster. Story below from BBC NEWS:

Tsunami-hit nations mark anniversary

A decade ago, one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded struck off the coast of Indonesia, triggering a tsunami that swept away entire communities around the Indian Ocean.

About 228,000 people were killed as a result of the 9.1 magnitude quake and the giant waves that slammed into coastlines on 26 December 2004.

The violent upward thrust of the ocean floor at 07:58 local time (00:58 GMT) displaced billions of tonnes of seawater, which then raced towards shorelines at terrifying speeds.

The waves stripped vegetation from mountain sides hundreds of metres inland, capsized freighters and threw boats into trees. The estimated cost of the damage was just under $10bn (£6.4bn).

Ten years on, many coastal towns and villages have rebuilt their communities and lives. The shores of Indonesia and Thailand, left ravaged by the tsunami, appear transformed.

See more here: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30034501


December, 26th 2004, 220 000 people died in the Indian Ocean Tsunami, thousands more injured and so many more lost homes and lifetimes and memories washed away in a pool of water and blood. We are taught in the prepper world about all type of disasters, natural, man made or zombies, while no walk in the park yes it is possible to bug out or bug in, depending on your surroundings.  Knowing your area well is a constant practice of our basic survival training.  So what you will need to survive in the first 72 hours, who to contact, how to defend yourself, but when a real disaster hits, it hits hard, a tsunami is among the most destructive of all, it’s like a thousand zombie hordes coming at you all at once, it will not discriminate or feel sorry for you when it comes to tear you apart! You may be prepared to survive for years, but when you and your house are thrust in the dead of night off the ground into an abyss of who knows what is waiting for you when you finally come to a stop, you realize you are never prepared enough!

Some might try to say here’s what to do to prepare for a Tsunami, but best preparation is either to leave sea shores with earthquake prone grounds or simply a mindset ready for the worst. Most training is similar to a nuclear blast, with the difference you try and get to high ground quickly then hang on to eachother, head down in the knees to protect from water and objects crashing into you and taking you away. However the best advice we can give is how to SURVIVE a Tsunami once it hits.

Heed Natural Warnings
Heed Official Warnings
Expect Many Waves
Head for High Ground and Stay There
Abandon Belongings
Don’t Count on the Roads
Go to an Upper Floor or Roof of a Building
Climb a Tree
Climb onto Something that Floats
Expect the Waves to Leave Debris
Expect Quakes to Lower Coastal Land
When its over, try and reach out and call for help until help comes.

See below link for good advice on Tsunami survival. http://www.wikihow.com/Survive-a-Tsunami


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