Happy New Year 2014

23Happy New Year 201424

Happy New Year FROM ZSA 2014

2013  R.I.P!  Any undone tasks, wishes as yet unfulfilled, debts unpaid, meditation on troubles we may have , the laundry waiting or zombies unslashed, rest assured there is still time to do it!  Keep up your spirits, your survival instincts, your love for others and a strong sense of organization,  discipline and planning! Readiness and a strong attitude will keep all the tough folk alive and kicking during any type of disaster natural or man made!

Keep alerting others to plan, not panic, to prepare not ignore, to spread zombie awareness to everyone with no strings attached and no remorse or anger if they don’t want to listen. The good people will always do whats right at the end of the day! The truth will set you free and only the few who care will matter.  Keep an open mind, but never let it lead you to outright paranoia or anarchy either, a society will only survive if all is kept within sensible reason, like in anything we do in life! Moderation even in madness can contribute to all. The world will not end for people who can reach out to help humankind, just make sure you are not reaching out to a zombie…….

On Behalf of all the Z.S.A family, I wish you all a safe & healthy as possible New Year that begins now !

The Walking Dead are in for a real surprise when and if they rise from the dead, for there are many people out there like us, waiting patiently to knock em down right back into the grave!



 Z.S.A. NEW YEAR 2014

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