February 8, 2015

After a Mid Season Break that spoils every Christmas for us.

By #ZSA Ð☣ÜŊđέŘŢǻķēŘ


What will happen now? Last time they killed Spaghetti Tuesday’s cherished grandpa of the show and will the story get any more drama and heartbreaks? Lets hope so! AMC’s The WALKING DEAD created based on the comic series by the same name, has become one of the highest rated shows in the US and around the globe!  Our walking dead withdrawal is about to end and the fun about to start.

eatwd walking dead withdrawal meme

Also check out Everything About The Walking Dead  another page I admin on, created by ZSA’s own Commander ZEEKE! We have the coolest memes, lampooned comic strips and other great news all about the walking dead!


Great news for UK viewers aswell as many other countries FOX International channles have decided to air the show 24 hours after the US premiere on Sunday! Yes!


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