We’re Back baby!

zsa dot com access granted

However http://www.zombiesafearea.org remains our primary website. This one will be D-Undertaker’s blog mostly. This blog was originally created by D-Undertaker in 2011 as a plus to our ZSA facebook page. Later we made more pages on facebook for our regional division chapters. I’ve transfered the zsa.com domain here, so the fun can begin! Remember its all about zombies and preparation for a Zombie Outbreak means you’re prepared for any kind of disaster! Even the CDC agrees! D☣Undertaker

7 thoughts on “zombiesafearea.com”

      1. I’ll do what I can to help. Been out of a lot of loops lately getting ready to start nursing school in 8 days, but once I get on a schedule once more I should be pushing great sites like yours and my own once more.

      2. Since I’m prepping for hunker down, like Hershal, my door will always be open for those in need.

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