Merry Christmas from ZSA!

Merry Christmas from ZSA!

zsa x mas zombie and woman prepper

Friday, December 25th, 2015 : From our ZSA family to yours, Merry X Mas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Ho Ho Ho, etc etc.

Make it a Magical Day! Christians celebrate it as the birth of Jesus Christ, but its also recognized a cultural feast in many countries around the world for the non religious aswell! Whatever be the case, its a lovely day and even during the zombie apocalypse we try to make it as wonderful as possible! Count your blessings, remember those who did good to you, aswell as those who did bad to you, forgive them for forgiveness is good for your own well being first, aswell as theirs, sooner or later a zombie will get them anyway! So rest easy folks! Pray for those who pray, play for those who play, hunt for those who hunt, think for those who think. lol.

Be your own Santa and for those who you can help also! Be responsible to others and play it safe, we need you in one piece for tomorrow the Undead will still roam the earth and we need to beat them before they take over.

Ð☣Ünder†aker & Team Zombie Safe Area


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