Happy 7th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

Happy 7th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

zombie safe area 7 years anniversary poster 2018

We’ve been LEVELED UP to 7! Another way of saying Happy Birthday to us at Zombie Safe Area! To all our superb staff, fans and zombie hunters may you all have a fantastic anniversary today! It’s a success thanks to all of you folks! It has been a wonderful year of surviving zombies and bad people alike, with ups and downs and some terrible events aswell but we will survive this and to another year and many more of great educational info, memes and preparation.  The dead may rise, the evil people can fight, illness often strikes, our emotions tend to overwhelm but the motivation and dedication to our fellow brothers and sisters of the zombie apocalypse who wish to build a new world full of liberty and justice will prevail! Zombie Safe Area is here to stay! BOOYAH!

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