Active Commanders Z.S.A. GLOBAL 2019

Active Commanders Z.S.A. GLOBAL 2019.

Hello survivors! Earlier this month we introduced our most active commanders for Z.S.A. Global Division on our facebook page.

Z.S.A. has divisions all over the globe but we maintain a headquarters division that is actually the one that started it all, and by started I mean Z.S.A. and not the zombie apocalypse lol.

The following was what was said: On July 24th it will be Zombie Safe Area‘s 8th Birthday anniversary, so we will be introducing to y’all our most active Admins/Commanders of this Global Division. Many others work behind the scenes but don’t have too much time to post. So stay tuned folks! 

See original photos on this facebook album.

Meet Your Admins: “D-Under†aker” founder & creator of Zombie Safe Area. He is based on the small Island Republic of Mauritius and oversees all regional-divisional commands with the extra duty of being in charge of body disposals. Dead or Living Dead 💀Meet your Admins: “The Las† Soul” yes she may just be the last, as well as being your Commander from The State of Oklahoma. She heads our Science Department, which gets pretty gruesome at times but she can handle it, she has been investigating the creepy and disturbing for a long time now.👽Meet your Admins: “Zeeke” our Commander from the Gunshine state of Florida. He is our Scavenging and Supply Officer. Here we see him sampling some food supplies. He often works the night shift aswell. 😋🌛   

Meet your Admins: “Ghost” from Sunny Florida. A U.S. Army veteran and now Z.S.A.’s Head of Security and Commander of Z.S.A.’s Zombie Eradication Division. (Z.E.D.) A team of Elite Scouting Rangers who go deep into zombie infested regions to hunt the walking dead before they become too large and threaten the survivors living in the zombie safe areas.👻🐶🐍Meet your Admins: “Double Tap” or “DT” for short. Yes that’s also RULE NUMBER 2 in the Zombie Apocalypse! DT is a U.S. Air Force Veteran & your Commander from the great state of Texas! Also head of Z.S.A Texas. He is our weapons expert and co founder of Cold Dead Hands ☠️Meet our Admins: “AoW” The “Angel of War” in person, from the wonderful State of North Carolina. A U.S. Air Force veteran and now our Survival expert. Please watch the videos he posts, they will help you survive during the Zombie Apocalypse! 🦅

Check out his own page here:

Meet your Admins: “Evie” Your Commander from Arizona. She is our legal expert and a true survivor in real life with alot to teach to the rest of us about faith, hope and courage. A great lady to have as part of the team of Commanders. ❤️

Someday we will create a video game for Z.S.A. and have all our admins as characters with their CGI counterparts and all!

Happy Birthday Z.S.A. !




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