Coronavirus Pandemic ☣ “BE PREPARED, NOT SCARED”

 “BE Prepared, NOT Scared”

How to deal with the Novel Corona-Virus (CoVid-19) Outbreak if it hits you.

By: Deborah Middleton.

Zombie Safe Area Medical Contributor.

March, 14 2020

wash your hands folksI have been holding off on writing this article, while I did my careful research on reputable sites (CDC, and WHO to start), ignoring news media sites with the Panic mongering, to compile the best information I could about covid 19, or the Corona-virus.

First of all, how contagious is the virus. The best way to look at that, is by comparison of other diseases we know. Covid 19 is more contagious than influenza, (the flu). Our immune systems can more readily recognize flu infections and fight them off CoVid 19 is a new version, and unrecognizable for our immune systems at this time. It is about equal in contagion level to SARS, but half as contagious as the measles to the unvaccinated.

That being said, how worried should you really be. Follow The Motto “Be prepared, not Scared”. If you are a healthy adult and catch the corona-virus, you will probably experience the following symptoms: fever, chills, headache, body aches, and breathing difficulties. These symptoms should last an average of 7 to 10 days before you start feeling better and your immune system kicks in fully, before you are well once more. Depending on the severity of the case, more or less days.

People who have to worry about contracting the virus are the very young, older adults (over 60) or anyone with compromised immunity: those with pre-existing medical conditions (asthma, COPD, emphysema, heart conditions Etc). To these people, the virus can be deadly.

If you are a healthy adult and think you might have been exposed to the virus, or have the virus, under no circumstances should you expose anyone in the risk groups with your presence. Self quarantines are the best at this point. Anytime you go in public, you risk unknowingly exposing someone else. The CDC estimates that one person with the virus exposes 12 to 18 people daily.

As far as hand sanitizers and masks, they have little to no protection for you or the general public at large. The best weapon is hand washing with soap and water and lots of friction, (it doesn’t have to require hot water either). Avoid touching your face, crowds, and areas known to be of high-risk.

If you have the symptoms of the virus, do not go to the emergency room directly. Call the hospital first, and ask them what the procedures in your area are. Some hospitals have special quarantine areas so that the public is not further exposed. Emergency rooms should be considered one of the highest areas of risk of contagion.

In lines of stocking up, in case your town goes under quarantine, be smart not panicky. This is where you can take a page from all the peppers that people like to laugh at. This is not a situation where you are likely to be without normal utility, so though it may be a good idea to have water supply, I would focus more on foods that are not going to go bad quickly. (Powdered milk or shelf-stable milk like lactaid, instead of fresh milk for an example). Have a stocked freezer and a good supply of canned goods, (Meats, fruits and vegetables).

As one in the high-risk group, caring for those in the extreme risk group, I can honestly say I am less afraid of CoVid 19 than I am of the panicking people around.

If you have any questions, I am willing to answer those I can, or will direct you to a reputable site that can. Again, be prepared, not scared.

To contact Deborah send a message to our Zombie safe area facebook page via messenger and we will transmit your questions to her directly.

Deborah the author is an admin at NC CZERTS GEAR and has been contributing to medical and health matters for Zombie prepper pages like ours for years now.  She has taken courses in Nursing and has vast experience in self reliance gardening and related matters.


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