Merry christmas 2020 from zombie safe area global division.

We wish you a Merry Christmas 2020! Glad tidings, seasons greetings and hopefully no zombies before the end of the year!

This year has been hard enough already! Overall good and bad things have happened but mostly bad, however these are life hard lessons that make us better zombe hunters and survivors. The greatest lesson of this pandemic is that we need to be prepared better and by that I dont mean toilet paper but self reliance and hygiene. If we learnt just that we are good and Santa Claus can bring us the toys we need to fight the undead and grow veggies! Facebook has taken down one of our admins called The Last Soul and she was an awesome person but she had strong patriotic views that is all. The real zombies are infact braindead people who refuse to accept truths. We hope people wake up sooner or later otherwise the living might start eating the living long before the dead do. Infact they already eat their own brains. On behalf of all the team at ZSA Global, I wish you a wonderful christmas with family, friends or whoever you are happy with! God bless you all!