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Real tips and advice, aswell as real experts and programs to save you from a Zombie Outbreak Apocalypse! We are preparing safe areas all over the world to save you and your loved ones for that fateful day of the walking dead! We started out on Facebook in July 2011 and we are moving on to wordpress as our blog to better spread the word of how to save yourself on Z-Day !

Happy TEN YEARS Birthday Z.S.A.

It’s been a DECADE of DECAY, 10 wonderful years of preparing you to someday survive the undead and any other type of disaster, manmade or natural, or a combination of both dare I say.


24 JULY 2011 to 2021 ALREADY TEN YEARS! We must thank both our fine Commanders over the years and our dedicated fans for without them none of this would have continues for so long! Once again THANK YOU TO OUR WONDERFUL FANS, none of this would be fun without you all! Especially those who stuck with us through thick and thin, whether we share the same opinions on all subjects or on just some, we all enjoy the undead and a good laugh and that is what counts to survive an apocalypse, finding those things that keep us in solidarity. Freedom to think differently and liberty to be ourselves, while united and steadfast on protecting our teams as a priority over everything, that is how we stay safe in the zombie safe areas. A family can only be broken from within.

It all started one evening in a small place in Africa with our Commander D-Undertaker and later some Brits and Americans joined in and it truly went global from that moment. Some commanders over the years got devoured by the zombies and others survived. Among our most active and loyal are Commander ZEEKE who has stood by Z.S.A. all the way and Commander Ghost who even prepared a video for our ten years! We thank Commander DoubleTap for his great guidance on 2A for our American fanbase aswell as others who post survival videos and articles on ZSA Global. WE WANT TO THANK other Commnders from our other Divisions in other states and other nations for their contribution aswell, be it ZSA Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Canada, Israel etc. Some pages were sadly taken down by facebook, who we believe work for the Umbrella corp. (joke) In a way we have become very much an American page now and Pro Veteran as many of our Commanders are Patriotic Americans and Veterans aswell.


Some of you don’t realize our Cmdr D-Undertaker is from Africa, of Asian origin from British and French former colonies and had an American education, so truly global in his thinking. He wanted this team and this page to attract a world audience and he made it.


It started as a page on facebook now gone, and the new page that came after it. It was mainly to enjoy the zombie subculture made famous through George A. Romero zombies and those of Fulci, aswell as others like Return of the living dead, a cheesy film but a classic that redefined the genre. In 2011 facebook was still a place safe, free speech was allowed and The Walking Dead tv series was bringing the genre back from the grave. People were swarming to facebook and naturally new zombie pages were popping up everyday. This one included and we hope in the coming years it will be even more exciting with new projects in the making! Will keep you all posted!

With the raging pandemic going on we have a good idea of the chaos a zombie outbreak will cause, poltical crisis, war on ideas and ofcourse the zombies! Perhaps the only fun part will be the zombies, minus the odors that is. Floods, Cyclones, Volcanos, weather changes of all kinds are also to be prepared for, for the sake of those we love and cherish and ourselves too! Having fun and some laughs while getting ready is always the best way forward so let us keep calm and carry on for as long as we can survive! Stay safe, stay vigilant, be ready, in mind first and practically after, it will never be as easy as you think until you realize it will be a challenge, when it happens. Honestly most of us prefer it doesnt happen.

Contego, Pugna, Victoria, our Latin motto, meaning We fight, we protect, we win!

On behalf of all our Commander from the present, the past and the future, this is D-Undertaker and ZSA TEAM wishing you to watch your six and enjoy!

Happy New YEAR 2021

We survived yet another year full of global turbulence!

Happy New Year 2021 to all you survivors of the pandemic of zombies and brainless politicians, aswell as the terrible corona pandemic that has affected us all one way or another! God bless the frontline workers again and all the victims and families of this virus! God protect us from the politicians using this pandemic to instore anti freedom laws that will eventually run us over. How we all survived is simply the prepper and strong will of the mind of all of us zombie warriors! To another year of maybe worse, maybe better, maybe inbetween but we hope for the best atleast in our personal lives as this is the most important change we need is with ourselves, we cant always control the bigger picture but we try also. Stay blessed, stay strong, ZSA Strong! 2020 will remain in our memories forever. It showed us that life and liberty cannot be taken for granted and that our everyday lives can be turned on its head by natural or man made disasters.


Merry christmas 2020 from zombie safe area global division.

We wish you a Merry Christmas 2020! Glad tidings, seasons greetings and hopefully no zombies before the end of the year!

This year has been hard enough already! Overall good and bad things have happened but mostly bad, however these are life hard lessons that make us better zombe hunters and survivors. The greatest lesson of this pandemic is that we need to be prepared better and by that I dont mean toilet paper but self reliance and hygiene. If we learnt just that we are good and Santa Claus can bring us the toys we need to fight the undead and grow veggies! Facebook has taken down one of our admins called The Last Soul and she was an awesome person but she had strong patriotic views that is all. The real zombies are infact braindead people who refuse to accept truths. We hope people wake up sooner or later otherwise the living might start eating the living long before the dead do. Infact they already eat their own brains. On behalf of all the team at ZSA Global, I wish you a wonderful christmas with family, friends or whoever you are happy with! God bless you all!


Happy 8th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

Happy 8th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

Happy 8th Birthday Zombie Safe Area! After 8 Years the Zombie Safe Area Containment Facility for the Undead is still holding strong, As are the Walls and the Security procedures and protocols in place.All thanks to our steadfast & vigilant Commanders and Vice Commanders of all our Divisions and ofcourse our very loyal fans! Thank You Everybody and Happy 8 Years Anniversary!

Happy 8 Years Birthday Z.S.A.

Thanks again to D-Undertaker for creating Z.S.A. and to all loyal admins for keeping it alive!!!!! #ZSA8YearsBirthday




Active Commanders Z.S.A. GLOBAL 2019

Active Commanders Z.S.A. GLOBAL 2019.

Hello survivors! Earlier this month we introduced our most active commanders for Z.S.A. Global Division on our facebook page.

Z.S.A. has divisions all over the globe but we maintain a headquarters division that is actually the one that started it all, and by started I mean Z.S.A. and not the zombie apocalypse lol.

The following was what was said: On July 24th it will be Zombie Safe Area‘s 8th Birthday anniversary, so we will be introducing to y’all our most active Admins/Commanders of this Global Division. Many others work behind the scenes but don’t have too much time to post. So stay tuned folks! 

See original photos on this facebook album.

Meet Your Admins: “D-Under†aker” founder & creator of Zombie Safe Area. He is based on the small Island Republic of Mauritius and oversees all regional-divisional commands with the extra duty of being in charge of body disposals. Dead or Living Dead 💀Meet your Admins: “The Las† Soul” yes she may just be the last, as well as being your Commander from The State of Oklahoma. She heads our Science Department, which gets pretty gruesome at times but she can handle it, she has been investigating the creepy and disturbing for a long time now.👽Meet your Admins: “Zeeke” our Commander from the Gunshine state of Florida. He is our Scavenging and Supply Officer. Here we see him sampling some food supplies. He often works the night shift aswell. 😋🌛   

Meet your Admins: “Ghost” from Sunny Florida. A U.S. Army veteran and now Z.S.A.’s Head of Security and Commander of Z.S.A.’s Zombie Eradication Division. (Z.E.D.) A team of Elite Scouting Rangers who go deep into zombie infested regions to hunt the walking dead before they become too large and threaten the survivors living in the zombie safe areas.👻🐶🐍Meet your Admins: “Double Tap” or “DT” for short. Yes that’s also RULE NUMBER 2 in the Zombie Apocalypse! DT is a U.S. Air Force Veteran & your Commander from the great state of Texas! Also head of Z.S.A Texas. He is our weapons expert and co founder of Cold Dead Hands ☠️Meet our Admins: “AoW” The “Angel of War” in person, from the wonderful State of North Carolina. A U.S. Air Force veteran and now our Survival expert. Please watch the videos he posts, they will help you survive during the Zombie Apocalypse! 🦅

Check out his own page here:

Meet your Admins: “Evie” Your Commander from Arizona. She is our legal expert and a true survivor in real life with alot to teach to the rest of us about faith, hope and courage. A great lady to have as part of the team of Commanders. ❤️

Someday we will create a video game for Z.S.A. and have all our admins as characters with their CGI counterparts and all!

Happy Birthday Z.S.A. !




Happy 7th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

Happy 7th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

zombie safe area 7 years anniversary poster 2018

We’ve been LEVELED UP to 7! Another way of saying Happy Birthday to us at Zombie Safe Area! To all our superb staff, fans and zombie hunters may you all have a fantastic anniversary today! It’s a success thanks to all of you folks! It has been a wonderful year of surviving zombies and bad people alike, with ups and downs and some terrible events aswell but we will survive this and to another year and many more of great educational info, memes and preparation.  The dead may rise, the evil people can fight, illness often strikes, our emotions tend to overwhelm but the motivation and dedication to our fellow brothers and sisters of the zombie apocalypse who wish to build a new world full of liberty and justice will prevail! Zombie Safe Area is here to stay! BOOYAH!

In Memoriam: Christopher Bruns. Z.S.A. Commander.

In Memoriam: Christopher Bruns!

Z.S.A. Commander.

IN REMEMBRANCE OF A FALLEN COMMANDER at Zombie Safe Area.  Who passed away peacefully to the next world earlier this year on January 29th 2018  at the age of 41 surrounded by his loving family.  May he be blessed wherever he is and his family aswell.

R.I.P. Commander Christopher Bruns from the State of Maine. Our brother Chris has fought his final battle with Cancer but he died with his boots on, and died peacefully and fulfilled.  Till the end he fought to live & love,  amidst the pain he had to endure of this horrible illness and betrayals by some he loved. He was very brave and loved Zombie Safe Area, therefore I find it our duty to join those among his close family and friends who did care for him join us all to grieve and mourn! Dear friend & brother Chris, Rest Easy and we will see each other on the other side someday! Dear Brother & fellow Commander this memoriam is in your honor Red Bruns.

Rest Easy Brother!

When The DEAD Refuse To Rest In Peace

When the DEAD refuse to Rest in Peace.

Monday, July 24, 2017  By  Ð-Ünder†aker

We have lived to yet another anniversary, 6 years and still biting ! Keeping you safe for six years!

If this were a post zombie apocalyptic period imagine the accomplishment of not being devoured by the living dead or even worse killed, captured, tortured by gangs and terrorists?  We have come a long way from the first day when D-Undertaker created Z.S.A.  to the Z.S.A. staff that have often contributed to our many successes at our main headquarters or our divisions around the globe, to our thousands of thousands of loyal fans!   We have encountered laughter, anger, happiness sadness and betrayals, but today we celebrate another day of being alive & well while keeping in mind the dangers that lurk out there, the very real ones : the living! The Dead refuse to die, and among the living there are those who refuse to leave the living alone! Both of them are pests that can seriously ruin your day.  In a post ZPOC world the gangs of thugs would rule the day and night looking for both food and slaves. The survival groups out there would have to be very vigilant who they trust, starting with their own. You may have the most sophisticated zombie safe area with walls and security systems impenetrable from the outside, but all it takes is one traitor inside to open the gates and allow a flood of the living dead to enter.   No safe area is 100% fool proof, negligence or malicious behavior can bring us down.  I dont care your reasons, mental stress or power hungry but if you betray us, you become zombie bait!



By now ZSA fans know the basics, the 1st survival method is mental  & for those who believe is some kind of higher power, spiritual aswell.  At the end of the day your own attitude of confidence, empathy and justice will help you realize whats important and what’s not. If you are not mentally prepared in life for crisis, disasters of any kind you won’t survive a zombie outbreak. Panic is your worst enemy.  Those around you who panic is just as bad. 2nd is physical preparation, your body needs to be healthy & strong. Sports, exercise, diet, water and controlling any illness you struggle with.  3rd is knowing your surroundings, having an escape plan to bug out or bug in, a plan that yourself and family or friends have worked out and practiced by doing real life drills. How to communicate when phones & internet is down, because face it, not long after an outbreak all forms of modern technology will go down or be shut down by the authorities in a bid to control the situation and limit mass panic. One of my very first posts on ZSA was about that. Agreeing on a meeting point before hand where all your team will meet when there is an outbreak is how you re group fast and will find all those you need to send messages to.  They can then carry more messages to others, but first you need to get to that meeting point.  Always have an alternative meeting place incase the first point happened to be over run by zombies or barred by security & defense officials. Planning is everything.  It is the entire reason behind ZSA, plan for any type of disaster, man made, natural or zombies. 4th is prepper training how to hoard food, grow basic things, fetch & purify water.  Truth be told without water your survival plan is screwed from the get go.  Water is life it is said. It is true.  You need water to survive. The more you know how to grow, the less you have to scavenge. So many people will be scavenging and you will encounter some very bad people if you depend on “leftovers from the pre apocalypse time period” plus those are bound to run out sooner or later.  You would always have to be careful that you arent stealing some living persons provisions. If you do, then you would be no different from the thugs. Will any of that even matter in such a world? For us we hope it will if we want to bring back a world with some kind of order and respect.  5th is some basic MEDICAL  knowledge , however basic it will save you and yours when there is no doctor around. Lastly 6th is your own defense and that of your loved ones. You cannot expect help from anyone else, nor trust anyone who says they will protect you. If you want to learn the hard way, be my guest and trust others, you will pay the price and so will your companions in the worst possible ways.  Trust your instinct and have whatever available tools you need to fight and fend for yourself.  Teach your companions to do the same as much as they can.  Protect yourself by knowing how to defend yourself.  Those damn zombies will not kill themselves, you have to do it.

Worth mentioning is ofcourse the notable  passing of the father of the modern zombie movie genre & subculture, George A Romero who directed some of the greatest zombie classics that sealed the image of the modern zombie present even today with such hits as The Walking Dead or Resident Evil. Romero passed away on July 16th 2017 at the age of 77 we hope he rests in peace and if not, then he will rise from the grave!   Active  in public life until the  very end, Romeros’s legacy will last longer than any doomsday apocalypse!

Stay prepared, stay zombie free and remember our motto is to Protect, to Fight and to Win! Contego, Pugna, Victoria!

Scientific Studies Show Breast Feeding Will Prevent the Zombie Outbreak!

Breast feeding can prevent the zombie outbreak in your childZOMBIE SAFE AREA scientists have made a massive discovery!  The nutrients in the mother’s milk prevent the brain from turning into a zombie. 70% of persons who were breast fed resist the zombie strain. 20% get cured faster.  10% were simply not lucky to get just bitten, but were devoured completely, so we’ll never know. This much is sure and Z.S.A. all agree 100% this is one very important method to protect the next generation from such disease. Not only the Zombie infection, but several other illnesses and gives your child a stronger mind than kids who didnt get breast milk. Who can argue with that? 

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