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When The DEAD Refuse To Rest In Peace

When the DEAD refuse to Rest in Peace.

Monday, July 24, 2017  By  Ð-Ünder†aker

We have lived to yet another anniversary, 6 years and still biting ! Keeping you safe for six years!

If this were a post zombie apocalyptic period imagine the accomplishment of not being devoured by the living dead or even worse killed, captured, tortured by gangs and terrorists?  We have come a long way from the first day when D-Undertaker created Z.S.A.  to the Z.S.A. staff that have often contributed to our many successes at our main headquarters or our divisions around the globe, to our thousands of thousands of loyal fans!   We have encountered laughter, anger, happiness sadness and betrayals, but today we celebrate another day of being alive & well while keeping in mind the dangers that lurk out there, the very real ones : the living! The Dead refuse to die, and among the living there are those who refuse to leave the living alone! Both of them are pests that can seriously ruin your day.  In a post ZPOC world the gangs of thugs would rule the day and night looking for both food and slaves. The survival groups out there would have to be very vigilant who they trust, starting with their own. You may have the most sophisticated zombie safe area with walls and security systems impenetrable from the outside, but all it takes is one traitor inside to open the gates and allow a flood of the living dead to enter.   No safe area is 100% fool proof, negligence or malicious behavior can bring us down.  I dont care your reasons, mental stress or power hungry but if you betray us, you become zombie bait!



By now ZSA fans know the basics, the 1st survival method is mental  & for those who believe is some kind of higher power, spiritual aswell.  At the end of the day your own attitude of confidence, empathy and justice will help you realize whats important and what’s not. If you are not mentally prepared in life for crisis, disasters of any kind you won’t survive a zombie outbreak. Panic is your worst enemy.  Those around you who panic is just as bad. 2nd is physical preparation, your body needs to be healthy & strong. Sports, exercise, diet, water and controlling any illness you struggle with.  3rd is knowing your surroundings, having an escape plan to bug out or bug in, a plan that yourself and family or friends have worked out and practiced by doing real life drills. How to communicate when phones & internet is down, because face it, not long after an outbreak all forms of modern technology will go down or be shut down by the authorities in a bid to control the situation and limit mass panic. One of my very first posts on ZSA was about that. Agreeing on a meeting point before hand where all your team will meet when there is an outbreak is how you re group fast and will find all those you need to send messages to.  They can then carry more messages to others, but first you need to get to that meeting point.  Always have an alternative meeting place incase the first point happened to be over run by zombies or barred by security & defense officials. Planning is everything.  It is the entire reason behind ZSA, plan for any type of disaster, man made, natural or zombies. 4th is prepper training how to hoard food, grow basic things, fetch & purify water.  Truth be told without water your survival plan is screwed from the get go.  Water is life it is said. It is true.  You need water to survive. The more you know how to grow, the less you have to scavenge. So many people will be scavenging and you will encounter some very bad people if you depend on “leftovers from the pre apocalypse time period” plus those are bound to run out sooner or later.  You would always have to be careful that you arent stealing some living persons provisions. If you do, then you would be no different from the thugs. Will any of that even matter in such a world? For us we hope it will if we want to bring back a world with some kind of order and respect.  5th is some basic MEDICAL  knowledge , however basic it will save you and yours when there is no doctor around. Lastly 6th is your own defense and that of your loved ones. You cannot expect help from anyone else, nor trust anyone who says they will protect you. If you want to learn the hard way, be my guest and trust others, you will pay the price and so will your companions in the worst possible ways.  Trust your instinct and have whatever available tools you need to fight and fend for yourself.  Teach your companions to do the same as much as they can.  Protect yourself by knowing how to defend yourself.  Those damn zombies will not kill themselves, you have to do it.

Worth mentioning is ofcourse the notable  passing of the father of the modern zombie movie genre & subculture, George A Romero who directed some of the greatest zombie classics that sealed the image of the modern zombie present even today with such hits as The Walking Dead or Resident Evil. Romero passed away on July 16th 2017 at the age of 77 we hope he rests in peace and if not, then he will rise from the grave!   Active  in public life until the  very end, Romeros’s legacy will last longer than any doomsday apocalypse!

Stay prepared, stay zombie free and remember our motto is to Protect, to Fight and to Win! Contego, Pugna, Victoria!

ZOMBIE SAFE AREA ALERT! BURMA + simple steps to protect yourself.

 THIS IS A Z-ALERT : From Burma.

By D☣Undertaker

BREAKING NEWS JUST IN: REPORTS: A huge explosion in the city of Yangon in Burma.


CHEMICAL warehouse EXPLODES in Burma also known as Myanmar. The City of Yangon is in crisis as a fire rages, dozens killed and many more injured. The fire was caused by an explosion of unknown origin in a warehouse full of CHEMICALS! The reasons yet unknown, terrorism, negligence or other reasons have not yet been ruled out by Burmese authorities. Burma normally known for its military dictatorship and oppression of its people, will now perhaps  be the scene of the zombie outbreak. Well more precisely  the cause of the zombie-outbreak. Wont be long before the dead begin to walk the steets looking for human flesh to kindly snack on.  We will keep you updated as new info comes in. This reminds us all to be PREPARED AT ALL TIMES for such emergencies. People have already reported seeing people walking around who look dead. The Military have stopped people & media from entering in the city. Ofcourse in Burma they have always done that, but it still leaves one to think something may be up.


If you have seen the apocalyptic movie RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR you will understand the need to prepare, and to quarantine yourself and those you love in such events, even if the movie shows that you may very well seclude yourself right into the “lions den”! Without spoiling the movie or anything, the main character in the movie should made sure ALL contaminated objects were thrown away! Always remember there are things you NEED TO DO if you feel you or a close one is contaminated. Instead of panicking when 80% of the city residents and security officials are also panicking and clearly overburdened already. Below are some simple steps to remember. rather than leaving a loved one stuck outside, when you could be giving eachother support by being next to one antoher do these simple steps that event the military teaches their troops to do in case of suspected contamination.  Ofcourse when you are many in the family, you will want to protect the others from the one or ones contaminated. If you are like the guy in the movie, have no kids only your spouse than for Christs sake stay together if you die atleast you will die together and not by yourself like a pathetic son of a bitch!

STEP ONE: REMOVE ALL YOUR CLOTHS put them in a plastic bag SEAL the bag and keep OUT OF REACH OF children and animals. DO NOT BURN you will spread the contamination to all your neighbors!






DO ALL THIS AS SOON AS YOU CAN in an emergency clean water and power may not last long!



FOLLOW ALL SIX STEPS and you might have avoided the worse!

Prepared by D☣Undertaker

NOTICE : Please remember whenever any of our members hear of such news, please let us know so we can draft up a half real half fake zombie story  as most of our stories here are. In the process we hope to scare the socks out of people. Yes we are evil, but thats why y'all enjoy it. LoL! This notice serves as a disclaimer aswell.

Practice For Z-Day

Practice For Z-Day

By D-Undertaker

Mauritius: Wednesday October 12 2011. A Tsunami Drill was carried out in the village of Albion, Mauritius. A mock drill held in 21 nations of the Indian Ocean, India included. It was a perfect drill for a Zombie Outbreak!

Mauritian Police Constable discussing with residents. MBC.MU TV

In India Srinivasa Kumar, head of the tsunami warning division at the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services in Hyderabad said: “We’re going to simulate a scenario in which tsunami waves similar to those of December 26, 2004, are heading our way again,”

This event caught my attention, for the simple fact it had every aspect of a Z-Day evacuation to it! The international simulation exercise, involving 21 countries of the Indian Ocean area, was aimed at testing the authorities preparedness, communications and response and reaction times of a hypothetical mock tsunami disaster. Coastal Meteorology, Climatology, Geophysics, police, medical emergency, special mobile force, fire department, CEB, red cross and other similar important authorities were all involved aswell as people in the designated towns in those nations. It was successful as far as the village of  2500 residents called Albion in Mauritius is concerned: and we hear it was a success in the other countries participating in it. The Exercise was organized by the UNESCO Inter Governmental oceanographic Commission.

Albion, Mauritius. Hotel La Plantation

In fact very similar procedures would be taken for a real Z-Outbreak. All people, adults & children would have to seek higher ground, closed protected spaces that would keep zombies out. They would have to move fast.  Only practice can make that happen, without multiple accidents from happening. Preparation, readiness, yes often repeated in our posts here at Zombie Safe Area, but it cannot be stressed enough. Readiness is the cue  used in all militaries around the world, it is well known! No one knows what will cause the zombie ourtbreak, let alone how it will strike and how fast, but good sense will tell you once one person is infected, it wont take long for others to get infected, as the infection usually takes very little time to show its hungry ugly head after the person has ceased to live his, or her last breath.

These types of drill exercises should be done EVERYWHERE and more often, they are good for all kinds of  emergencies; whether they be tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, or  even an invasion by thousands of rabid raccoons.  Sensitize people to the need to be prepared!


“Let the Z eat 168”

“Let the Z eat 168”

By Kashwak No-Fo

Ok people, it’s now time to let you in on the 168 hour theory.  This is my personal theory on how best to tackle the undead menace at your  doors.  This is based on 2 fundamental premises.


From a tactical standpoint, come Z-Day itself you know nothing.  How fast, how clever, how strong and most importantly, how to kill Zombies.  Do you really want to be that guy stood out in the street with guns failing, just to realise bullets don’t work, or that head shots are no good, and that, in fact, you actually have to blow their left kneecap out?
The first 168hrs will be CRUCIAL to gain intel, food, supplies and to fortify your bug out point.  Stealth and planning would be the best use of time.  Also, the less people on the streets in the first 168 hrs the less Z’s for us to mop up.  That very first week the streets would be full of panic and chaos.  You would be just as likely to get killed by a person as a you might by a Zombie!
By all means have your fun, but keep safe as ever.  Knowledge is power in any situation, and if you fail to plan you fail!


Is based on The Ministry of Zombies reasearch into the 3 stages of the zombic condition.
I would rather take on stage 2 than stage 1, or 3 and this fits into the 168hr time frame.


KASHWAK’s QUIZZIE TIME! The Ultimate Survival Skills Quiz!

The Ultimate Survival Skills Quiz

From How Stuff Works

Being stranded in the wilderness may make for a good movie, but in reality, it’s a harrowing experience. Staying alive may require you to build your own shelter, start a fire without matches and even eat bugs for nourishment. Do you have what it takes to survive this quiz?



The Zombie Virus

We present you with more work from other zombie experts. Our own research findings will be added as time goes by.

ZSA Lab staff.

The Zombie Virus


In modern films, zombies are often depicted as being created by an infectious virus, which passes on via bites and contact with fluids.

Harvard psychiatrist Steven Schlozman has termed the condition of zombies ‘Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome’ in a hoax article.

Viruses are microscopic infectious agents that come in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately viruses do not contain the necessary components needed to carry out the basic chemical reactions required for life.

Because they can’t live on their own they infect host cells of other organisms to help them survive and reproduce. Like a parasite, viruses need to find ways to spread to new host cells in order to continue living. They have discovered many different ways to spread to new host organisms. The influenza virus transmits through a sneeze or a cough. Many have the ability to change the DNA of the host cell. Some viruses have even found ways to change the behavior of the host organisms.

A few popular candidates include Swine flu, E.Coli 0157, Solanum, Botulism, Dengue Fever, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, SARS, Rabies, Hantavirus, Anthrax, Plague, Cholera, HIV, Ebola, Marburg virus, Lhasa virus, Sarin, and VX.


The case of Rabies

Rabies is a form of encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) that can make humans aggressive and by attacking the central nervous system, it can make the body send out extra impulses to the muscles increasing their strength, which could explain why zombies are so strong and why the have bad coordination.

Rabies is caused by an RNA virus belonging to the order Mononegavirales. All warm-blooded animals, including humans, are susceptible. When a wild animal is bitten by a rabid animal the virus enters the bloodstream, eventually spreading to the spinal cord and brain. Clinical signs of rabies are quite variable, with a change in behavior being one of them more consistent findings.

This behavior change can be as subtle as apprehension, or as extreme as biting in a normally friendly dog. Dogs might chew at the site they were bitten when they became infected, and can even maim themselves. As the disease progresses dogs may show increased irritability, viciousness, excitability, and eating unusual objects, like wood. These dogs may hide in dark or quiet places, and will bite when provoked. Central nervous system signs like seizures will exhibit, and there may be paralysis prior to death. A phase of the disease causes paralysis of the muscles in the throat. This leads to excessive drooling and choking sounds due to an inability to swallow.

Could a form of rabies be a future zombie virus? Viral warfare is a weapon that a few countries have already invested in. In 1918 the infamous influenza virus was successful recreated in a lab.



Solanum is a fictional virus in Max Brook’s Zombie Survival guide. Solanum works by travelling through the bloodstream, from the initial point of entry to the brain. Through mean not yet fully understood, the virus uses the cells of the frontal lobe for replication, destroying them in the process. During this period, all bodily functions cease. By stopping the heart, the infected subject is rendered “dead.”

The brain, however, remains alive but dormant, while the virus mutates its cells into a completely new organ. The most critical trait of this new organ is its independence from oxygen. By removing the need for this all-important resource, the undead brain can utilize, but is in no way dependent upon, the complex support mechanism of the human body. Once mutation is complete, this new organ reanimates the body into a form that bears little resemblance (physiologically speaking) to the original corpse. Some bodily functions remain constant, others operate in a modified capacity, and the remainder shut down completely.


See original story here: The Zombie Virus

Chemical Plant on Fire in Texas! Z day ALERT!

Chemical Plant on Fire in Texas! Z day ALERT!

A chemical plant in none other than a town with the name of  WAXAHACHIE, TX. Causes black and orange plumes of smoke and huge fireball explosions.  Local residents have been evacuated, school children included. Local fire chief stated he wasnt sure what caused the fire as of yet.  Not a laughing  matter residents in that town, not far from Dallas will no doubt suffer some bad ill effects from such a fire that is hopefully being contained. What we at ZSA fear is that the chemicals in that fire might hurt us all in an unexpected way, or rather just a a frightful reminder of the dangers of these fires, that could one day affect the Z-Apocalypse! So far no injuries have been reported!

Zombie defense experts at ZSA and other places, have long feared this kind of fire. It has been known for a while now, that one of the causes of Z-Day may very well be a fallout from a Chemical, Bio, Laser, sound wave experiment or Nuclear test, attack, or similar. If any of the chemicals in that fire contain segments of chemicals that effect the brain stem in humans, we may be creating zombies in living people. We explain this further by saying that the brain stem is accepted by all zombie experts as the part that controls all zombies, even the most primordial zombies, no matter the cause of the zombie strain, it is always the brain stem that is activated and affected. In fact it is probably there that a “sickness” is caused that makes them/us into zombies.  The brain stem (Truncus Encephali in latin) located in the posterior (bottom) of the brain is the main part of the brain that handles traffic for motor and sensual contact. In other words feeling, touch, sensing, pain, the heart, breathing, awareness, consciousness need I say more? It is directly linked to the spinal cord, that goes down our our  back, linking to our entire nervous system! Once a zombie virus controls the brain stem, the person ceases to exist and turns to its primal needs like a wild beast, except we are not wild beasts who have an inborn programming to do or not do somethings, we are intelligent beings (well sort of lol) so when we lose our “awareness” our “consciousness” do we become animals? No, we become zombies! Flesh seeking hungry walking dead! Lets please tell our local politicians to insure safety on all chemical plants, this type of tragedy is unacceptable and the ones who caused this, be the reasons negligence or criminal intent they need to be punished severely!

Today we pray for the residents of that Texas town, this horrible event is simply deplorable. Here is a news report from ABC News Channel 13 News KTRK-TV Houston, TX.

-D-Undertaker ZSA

Large fire at chemical plant outside Dallas

Monday, October 03, 2011


WAXAHACHIE, TX — A fire at a chemical plant south of Dallas shot massive plumes of black smoke and bright orange flames into the sky Monday, forcing schoolchildren and residents to evacuate or take cover indoors to avoid possible exposure to dangerous gases.

Flames engulfed a large complex at a Magnablend, Inc., facility in Waxahachie, about 30 miles south of Dallas, where the fast-moving blaze consumed a fire truck at the scene and flames neared railroad tracks alongside the property.

Magnablend spokesman Donald Golden told WFAA-TV that the 25 to 30 employees who were inside a warehouse at the plant evacuated safely when the fire broke out before 11 a.m. Golden said the company manufactures about 200 products, including some that are hazardous when ignited, but there was no immediate word on what caused the blaze.

“I can only speculate on what’s going on inside that building right now,” Golden said of the 100,000-square-foot warehouse.

Waxahachie Fire Department spokeswoman Amy Hollywood said there were no reports of injuries in the area by midafternoon. Officials could not say for sure what was burning.

“It’s the building that’s burning, and there’s chemicals inside, multiple kinds of chemicals,” Hollywood said. “Saying which kind would be speculative.”

Authorities ordered residents closest to the plant to evacuate, while others were advised to stay inside with doors and windows shut.

Jessenia Colin, an assistant general manager at a nearby Hampton Inn and Suites, said hotel staff members were turning off air vents so smoke and chemicals didn’t enter the rooms. As they waited for news and watched the smoke billow, staff covered their mouths to protect against the heavy chemical smell that hung in the air, she said.

“It smells like a whole bunch of chemicals, like wrappers burning,” Colin said. “It’s making everyone’s heads hurt.”

Stephanie Otto said she was preparing her new restaurant for a Tuesday opening about a quarter-mile from the plant when she heard sirens and walked outside to see a “huge plume.” She said she could hear what sounded like gun shots for about 15 minutes, and there was a strong smell of ammonia.

“It was huge,” Otto said. “It looked like an atomic bomb went off.”

(Copyright ©2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

See the rest of the story from originnal source:  Large fire at chemical plant outside Dallas

POOP-BURGER Made in Japan! The Z-Outbreak has begun!

Tastes like Chicken to me…I mean beef, has something sour about it, whats in it waiter?  The best zombie experts from around the globe have been wondering what will cause the Z-Outbreak! Virus? Rabid bunnies? Bio terror attack? A secret government Area 51 experiment?  While all of us look around for some crazy fantastic reason, the answer might be right in your plate! Well hopefully not in your plate! Poop Burgers, also known as Turd Burgers or Shit Burgers, …I can hear parents telling thier kids already, please call it Number 2 Burger kids!  No its NOT an Onion story, its a Japanese one, haha and a real one! Now Ive heard in China they eat cockroaches, yes real ones, they even make beauty products from them, but the Japanese have surpassed all our expectations! Yes Japanese scientists have found the answer to world hunger…..your poop!  I mean what comes in, must come out right? So why not put it right back in, with some lettuce and a nice soft bun… no pun intended.  This is how it starts folks, we are implanting ourselves with human feces, it is conditioning our system into a pre zombifiable state, possibly even creating the virus.  Well this has yet to be proven, but meanwhile I’ll have two to go, with extra fries and some toilet paper…..  Read the story from FOX News. + Video!  

-D-Undertaker ZSA.

Japanese Scientists Create Meat From Poop

The grossest potential solution to the global food crisis: poop meat.

Anyone up for some poop burgers?

Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda from the Okayama Laboratory certainly doesn’t believe in human waste.

He thinks that’s perfectly good protein you’re sending out to sea, and he’s found a way to extract it, mix it with steak sauce and create a fecal feast fit for a king.

And despite the downside of having to add soya to bind it all together, Prof Ikeda thinks there’s no reason why we shouldn’t all tuck into his turd burgers.

Why would he even think of it, you might ask.

Poop Meat

Because Tokyo Sewage asked him to. Tokyo is swimming in sewage mud, it seems, and there’s only one way it can save itself and that’s eat it.

Prof Ikeda found the mud was loaded with protein due to the high bacteria content. Combine it with reaction enhancer and put it in a magical machine called an “exploder” and artificial steak comes out the other end.

According to Digital Trends, it’s 63 percent protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent lipids and 9 percent minerals.

It’s colored red so you don’t know it’s poo.

“Initial tests have people saying it even tastes like beef,” Digital Trends reports.

Prof Ikeda and his colleagues say it’s the perfect solution for reducing waste and emissions from flatulent cows.

Which is understandable, because if someone told you that Whopper you just ate was actually made from yesterday’s leftover feces, you’d probably be too traumatized to masticate meat ever again.

Of course, there’s a hitch – besides the fact it’s made from poo and soya. The cost of producing Prof Ikeda’s stinky steaks at the moment is about “10 to 20 times” the price of carving it off a cow.

Leave it to the fast food chains to work out the economics. You can’t argue the mass production side of the equation is already sorted…

Read Original story here:

Three stages of the zombic condition… Ministry of Zombies

Three stages of the zombic condition….

Our dear friends at the U.K. Ministry Of Zombies have allowed us to publish some of their research!  They have some of the best professionals and highly experienced zombie hunters! Each fact here is to be studied and appreciated and examined with the utmost of zombie apocalyptic delight!  ENJOY!

Stage 1-fresh- a.k.a Noobs Newbies Inhumos..

  These corpses are those that have just turned and freshly joined the ranks of the undead. There may be visible bites or missing limbs  but equally may appear untouched and show no signs of trauma. Skin is typically greyish or blue but  in some cases will just be pallid,with a pale bloodless complexion.
Fresh zombies will by their nature will appear most human. Their movements will be less fluid but there will be few signs of decomposition.
The give away signs will always be an inability to speak and a total lack of liquid blood, even in open wounds!  In control conditions a Z will stay fresh for 1 to 7 days

  Stage 2-putrified-a.k.a Bloaters, Sickies, Pukers ,Fatties ,Bug boys

Decomp doesn’t function as a normal biological process in zombified as it does in normal cadavers.
The zombie virus somehow changes the the process by slowing it dramatically!
However after a time the Z will reach the purification phase (stage2) in which there are many chemical changes that take place in the body ,in particular a build up of gastric acid and other juices in the stomach cavity.
In most cases when combined with gasses within the corpse this will lead to visible swelling of the ghoul as the remaining moisture is drawn to the stomach area.
Sometimes this can lead bloating of the body ,leading to a more slow and bulky Z that typically attracts plenty of insect life and is prone to loud belching  and other gas releases.
In controlled conditions a Z will pass through this stage within 5 days and in some cases the change will hardly be noticeable. In favourable conditions such as high humidity or a walk climate,a Z can remain in this stage for weeks,even months.

Stage 3-desiccated-a.k.a Zeds, Dries Stiffs, Classics, Hippys

In time virtually all Z will reach this phase. By now the walking corpse will be totally dried with very low moisture content.
Movements will be more rigid and the skin waxy and prone to flaking.
Any nail or hair growth that may have continued immediately after death will now slow down and stop, ensuring that most classic Z’s still have long fingernails. Equally, many will be sporting a mop of straggly hair,which may explain why In some parts of the states refer to Z’s as ‘hippies’
In controlled conditions , corpses in the classic phase showed few, if any signs of decomp, giving them an expected lifespan of between 10/30 years,depending on levels of is estimated that these creatures can last 30+ years and it was also noted where there is no regular intake of ‘food’ the creatures just slip into a dormant state in which the expend little  or no energy
It is important to note that over time Z’s will increasingly be of this type.much of this analysis is of primary importance during the first six months post Zday . Dr Ahmed theorises that all Z’s will, under normal circumstances progress towards this later phase,but factors such as a hard winter with sub zero temps or a particularly humid and damp summer, could lead to the persistence of fresh and bloated Z’s well after this period

Thanks to Dr Ahmed and the ministry of zombies for allowing  us access to their research……

War Against the Walking dead
Sean T Page (out now)

For more information see   UK MINISTRY OF ZOMBIES WEBSITE  or Minstry Of Zombies on facebook !