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Active Commanders Z.S.A. GLOBAL 2019

Active Commanders Z.S.A. GLOBAL 2019.

Hello survivors! Earlier this month we introduced our most active commanders for Z.S.A. Global Division on our facebook page.

Z.S.A. has divisions all over the globe but we maintain a headquarters division that is actually the one that started it all, and by started I mean Z.S.A. and not the zombie apocalypse lol.

The following was what was said: On July 24th it will be Zombie Safe Area‘s 8th Birthday anniversary, so we will be introducing to y’all our most active Admins/Commanders of this Global Division. Many others work behind the scenes but don’t have too much time to post. So stay tuned folks! 

See original photos on this facebook album.

Meet Your Admins: “D-Under†aker” founder & creator of Zombie Safe Area. He is based on the small Island Republic of Mauritius and oversees all regional-divisional commands with the extra duty of being in charge of body disposals. Dead or Living Dead 💀Meet your Admins: “The Las† Soul” yes she may just be the last, as well as being your Commander from The State of Oklahoma. She heads our Science Department, which gets pretty gruesome at times but she can handle it, she has been investigating the creepy and disturbing for a long time now.👽Meet your Admins: “Zeeke” our Commander from the Gunshine state of Florida. He is our Scavenging and Supply Officer. Here we see him sampling some food supplies. He often works the night shift aswell. 😋🌛   

Meet your Admins: “Ghost” from Sunny Florida. A U.S. Army veteran and now Z.S.A.’s Head of Security and Commander of Z.S.A.’s Zombie Eradication Division. (Z.E.D.) A team of Elite Scouting Rangers who go deep into zombie infested regions to hunt the walking dead before they become too large and threaten the survivors living in the zombie safe areas.👻🐶🐍Meet your Admins: “Double Tap” or “DT” for short. Yes that’s also RULE NUMBER 2 in the Zombie Apocalypse! DT is a U.S. Air Force Veteran & your Commander from the great state of Texas! Also head of Z.S.A Texas. He is our weapons expert and co founder of Cold Dead Hands ☠️Meet our Admins: “AoW” The “Angel of War” in person, from the wonderful State of North Carolina. A U.S. Air Force veteran and now our Survival expert. Please watch the videos he posts, they will help you survive during the Zombie Apocalypse! 🦅

Check out his own page here:

Meet your Admins: “Evie” Your Commander from Arizona. She is our legal expert and a true survivor in real life with alot to teach to the rest of us about faith, hope and courage. A great lady to have as part of the team of Commanders. ❤️

Someday we will create a video game for Z.S.A. and have all our admins as characters with their CGI counterparts and all!

Happy Birthday Z.S.A. !




Happy 7th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

Happy 7th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

zombie safe area 7 years anniversary poster 2018

We’ve been LEVELED UP to 7! Another way of saying Happy Birthday to us at Zombie Safe Area! To all our superb staff, fans and zombie hunters may you all have a fantastic anniversary today! It’s a success thanks to all of you folks! It has been a wonderful year of surviving zombies and bad people alike, with ups and downs and some terrible events aswell but we will survive this and to another year and many more of great educational info, memes and preparation.  The dead may rise, the evil people can fight, illness often strikes, our emotions tend to overwhelm but the motivation and dedication to our fellow brothers and sisters of the zombie apocalypse who wish to build a new world full of liberty and justice will prevail! Zombie Safe Area is here to stay! BOOYAH!

In Memoriam: Christopher Bruns. Z.S.A. Commander.

In Memoriam: Christopher Bruns!

Z.S.A. Commander.

IN REMEMBRANCE OF A FALLEN COMMANDER at Zombie Safe Area.  Who passed away peacefully to the next world earlier this year on January 29th 2018  at the age of 41 surrounded by his loving family.  May he be blessed wherever he is and his family aswell.

R.I.P. Commander Christopher Bruns from the State of Maine. Our brother Chris has fought his final battle with Cancer but he died with his boots on, and died peacefully and fulfilled.  Till the end he fought to live & love,  amidst the pain he had to endure of this horrible illness and betrayals by some he loved. He was very brave and loved Zombie Safe Area, therefore I find it our duty to join those among his close family and friends who did care for him join us all to grieve and mourn! Dear friend & brother Chris, Rest Easy and we will see each other on the other side someday! Dear Brother & fellow Commander this memoriam is in your honor Red Bruns.

Rest Easy Brother!

Scientific Studies Show Breast Feeding Will Prevent the Zombie Outbreak!

Breast feeding can prevent the zombie outbreak in your childZOMBIE SAFE AREA scientists have made a massive discovery!  The nutrients in the mother’s milk prevent the brain from turning into a zombie. 70% of persons who were breast fed resist the zombie strain. 20% get cured faster.  10% were simply not lucky to get just bitten, but were devoured completely, so we’ll never know. This much is sure and Z.S.A. all agree 100% this is one very important method to protect the next generation from such disease. Not only the Zombie infection, but several other illnesses and gives your child a stronger mind than kids who didnt get breast milk. Who can argue with that? 

Continue reading Scientific Studies Show Breast Feeding Will Prevent the Zombie Outbreak!



zsa code blue 8 MAY 2012

Dateline: 8th of May 2012, almost 10 months after ZSA was created, some zombie trolls breached their way into ZSA Headquarters took our first page down, aswell as all the admins accounts. Breaching our gates that released zombies from our secret lab. For a few hours  ZSA went into CODE BLUE. Breach Protocol. Then we rose up again from the ashes. By the end of the day we created a new page, new accounts and destroyed all the zombies that had escaped. We returned from the dead like zombies ourselves lol.


zombie_scienceWhy do we have zombies in our secret lab some of you may ask? Our scientists led by D -Undertaker and the medical and bio tech teams are trying very hard to find the cause and cure to the zombie infection! We want to cure the world and save the planet, even if most people dont deserve it. We know it was probably created by a corporation like Umbrella Corp or some Terrorist group, or perhaps some voodoo demonic force from some other dimension, but there must be a cure, we keep up hope!

Our teams of ZSA officers fought back the breach with courage and loyalty! The enemy was crushed and security restored.

ZSA officers pushing back breachHowever Facebook fell for it all and the trolls got what they wanted at first, but we came back stronger than ever and reinforced security measures and rules. You simply cannot bring Zombie Safe Area down! Many have tried, all have failed.


Merry Christmas from ZSA!

Merry Christmas from ZSA!

zsa x mas zombie and woman prepper

Friday, December 25th, 2015 : From our ZSA family to yours, Merry X Mas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Ho Ho Ho, etc etc.

Make it a Magical Day! Christians celebrate it as the birth of Jesus Christ, but its also recognized a cultural feast in many countries around the world for the non religious aswell! Whatever be the case, its a lovely day and even during the zombie apocalypse we try to make it as wonderful as possible! Count your blessings, remember those who did good to you, aswell as those who did bad to you, forgive them for forgiveness is good for your own well being first, aswell as theirs, sooner or later a zombie will get them anyway! So rest easy folks! Pray for those who pray, play for those who play, hunt for those who hunt, think for those who think. lol.

Be your own Santa and for those who you can help also! Be responsible to others and play it safe, we need you in one piece for tomorrow the Undead will still roam the earth and we need to beat them before they take over.

Ð☣Ünder†aker & Team Zombie Safe Area


Consumer Zombies

Consumer Zombie

As the holidays come, alot of us will go buy gifts, bake cookies, massive amounts of drinks, sweets, invite guests etc. These could be all in the beautiful holiday spirit, often making children gleeful (adults also) and making the season magical. Winter Christmas lights sparkling in the snow, reminding us of our childhood, nostalgia aswell as good memories. Always knowing everyone isnt everyone else and perhaps some bad memories aswell. In some cases a nightmare when the bill(s) come!

It can be beautiful if done right, but they can also be a drag on your energies, time, and bank account. Then many of you will blame oh I had to give this or that to this friend, look how much it cost me, you will blame capitalism, big banks, for forcing us to become consumers via enticing commercials and other tactics. Really? Did they put a gun to your head? 0b8b7e2eec0264a610aeebc5c8cf3770Don’t even get me started for days like “Black Friday” when the sales are on and some Americans turn into savage real life zombies! I’ve seen people in POOR countries, with no television, do the same, in their smaller dirty markets. Drain themselves to follow CUSTOM, tradition and social expectations. YOU are the one to decide what you need to really buy, according to your possibilities, but often you will squeeze yourself dry in order to make sure your customs are met by others standards. Whatever those standards are. Capitalism works by demand, if there is no demand, there will be no product & said business will wither & die away. We spend billions on a drug war to attack drug dealers, when the drug users are the culprits, prohibition is a good example. The people themselves will make sure they get their poison, if there is no drug dealer they will become one. Either the drug users are stopped, helped, guided and some punished if they disregard other peoples security or turn to theft to get money.  Or atleast spare the tax payers with a never ending war on drugs and find another alternative that will actually work.

You are going places expecting the stuff YOU want and “need” to buy & the market system will find it for you and provide it. They need to sell and will pander to your desires, but if you didnt need any of it, they wouldnt be able to. In a civilized society you find them in large stores with fancy Christmas decorations and flashing lights.  In more backward nations, you find them in street markets. I have lived in Africa, weeks before a holiday, entire streets are blocked by police, you cant even walk properly at the local markets seeing the number of people rushing inside to buy new cloths, toys, food, etc etc. Do not even venture in the market those days, if your care for your well being.  In some parts of Africa you will lose an ear, if your earrings are too shiny and someone wants them. Close your windows and roll up the glass even driving by! Yet you will find no fancy lights, decorations or adverts, people will do the crazy shopping on their own regardless. Stop blaming capitalism, the problem here is custom. Even in so called non materialistic countries you see them doing the same crap.  Nothing Illuminati or “new world order” about it people.  Hey we all need stuff, nothing wrong with finding large amounts of choices of everything. Again in parts of Africa I’ve lived, to find one damn thing, sometimes I spend more money going from shop to shop looking for it. I’d rather they have all varieties of things for the needs of different people available. Its up to people to discipline their wallets. They have no one else to blame after that. Even if they try to blame the government or richer people for this act of self-robbing. Nothing sinful about enjoying the finer things in life. Having a good house, clean cloths for the kids, food on the table, a nice pizza every now and then, hygienic conditions, quality technology and enjoy some vacations and good times with friends, but it turns apocalyptic when you bleed yourself dry, because the “Holidays Oblige You To” Whether its so called Religious, Cultural or Social.

We call it being a ”CONSUMER ZOMBIE”.

Chances are you might fall in that category if you are a slave to custom & society. If you want to make others happy its very easy, and it can be a gift or cookies, but it doesn’t have to, a smile, a note, even a word or two is enough. So simple yet people expect a colorful gala & a bunch of noise.