ZSA do you want to be a survivor

Its all up to you, will power and the cooperation of your companions. Not going to be easy. Just see the countless tv programs and movies on disasters, look at real life stories of catastrophes.

Even in highly advanced countries deaths, injuries and structural damage is sometimes so massive it feels like the end of the world….yet people survive.


In this segment we will out together all our prepper (preparation) advice, as the US government itself recommends via the CDC (Center for disease control) aswell as best tactical information, medical tips, bug out bags, bug in priorities, how to deal with children and the ZPOC, dealing with thugs aswell as the walking dead. Then even deeper into the mindset of a survivor, the type of READINESS and PLANNING and ORGANIZATION needed to absolutely survive the so called “end of the world”.

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Lastly practical considerations for extended isolation, what you need to have, need to keep, need to get rid of, skills to learn. As in water distribution, purification, storage. Waste cleaning, first aid & first responder articles. Planting foods. Alternate & renewable energies. Hygiene and Alertness.

The worse enemy in your safe area is not the zombie or well armed thug outside, it is your own self and anyone among your companions who start drama, betrayal or an outright mutiny.


More to come……

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