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Consumer Zombies

Consumer Zombie

As the holidays come, alot of us will go buy gifts, bake cookies, massive amounts of drinks, sweets, invite guests etc. These could be all in the beautiful holiday spirit, often making children gleeful (adults also) and making the season magical. Winter Christmas lights sparkling in the snow, reminding us of our childhood, nostalgia aswell as good memories. Always knowing everyone isnt everyone else and perhaps some bad memories aswell. In some cases a nightmare when the bill(s) come!

It can be beautiful if done right, but they can also be a drag on your energies, time, and bank account. Then many of you will blame oh I had to give this or that to this friend, look how much it cost me, you will blame capitalism, big banks, for forcing us to become consumers via enticing commercials and other tactics. Really? Did they put a gun to your head? 0b8b7e2eec0264a610aeebc5c8cf3770Don’t even get me started for days like “Black Friday” when the sales are on and some Americans turn into savage real life zombies! I’ve seen people in POOR countries, with no television, do the same, in their smaller dirty markets. Drain themselves to follow CUSTOM, tradition and social expectations. YOU are the one to decide what you need to really buy, according to your possibilities, but often you will squeeze yourself dry in order to make sure your customs are met by others standards. Whatever those standards are. Capitalism works by demand, if there is no demand, there will be no product & said business will wither & die away. We spend billions on a drug war to attack drug dealers, when the drug users are the culprits, prohibition is a good example. The people themselves will make sure they get their poison, if there is no drug dealer they will become one. Either the drug users are stopped, helped, guided and some punished if they disregard other peoples security or turn to theft to get money.  Or atleast spare the tax payers with a never ending war on drugs and find another alternative that will actually work.

You are going places expecting the stuff YOU want and “need” to buy & the market system will find it for you and provide it. They need to sell and will pander to your desires, but if you didnt need any of it, they wouldnt be able to. In a civilized society you find them in large stores with fancy Christmas decorations and flashing lights.  In more backward nations, you find them in street markets. I have lived in Africa, weeks before a holiday, entire streets are blocked by police, you cant even walk properly at the local markets seeing the number of people rushing inside to buy new cloths, toys, food, etc etc. Do not even venture in the market those days, if your care for your well being.  In some parts of Africa you will lose an ear, if your earrings are too shiny and someone wants them. Close your windows and roll up the glass even driving by! Yet you will find no fancy lights, decorations or adverts, people will do the crazy shopping on their own regardless. Stop blaming capitalism, the problem here is custom. Even in so called non materialistic countries you see them doing the same crap.  Nothing Illuminati or “new world order” about it people.  Hey we all need stuff, nothing wrong with finding large amounts of choices of everything. Again in parts of Africa I’ve lived, to find one damn thing, sometimes I spend more money going from shop to shop looking for it. I’d rather they have all varieties of things for the needs of different people available. Its up to people to discipline their wallets. They have no one else to blame after that. Even if they try to blame the government or richer people for this act of self-robbing. Nothing sinful about enjoying the finer things in life. Having a good house, clean cloths for the kids, food on the table, a nice pizza every now and then, hygienic conditions, quality technology and enjoy some vacations and good times with friends, but it turns apocalyptic when you bleed yourself dry, because the “Holidays Oblige You To” Whether its so called Religious, Cultural or Social.

We call it being a ”CONSUMER ZOMBIE”.

Chances are you might fall in that category if you are a slave to custom & society. If you want to make others happy its very easy, and it can be a gift or cookies, but it doesn’t have to, a smile, a note, even a word or two is enough. So simple yet people expect a colorful gala & a bunch of noise.



🎃 Happy Halloween Zombie Friends!


By Ð☣Ünder†aker


This Halloween we remember that one day Zombies will be real hopefully and you wont need a costume!

vampire with her friend gothic love photoIts that time of the year again were everyone else becomes as creepy as you! You being if you are a horror fan like us at ZSA! Zombies, clowns, werewolves, witches, politicians, these are the scariest costumes you could wear and we love it! Many of our folks at ZSA are choosing to be zombies because we simply love it, but some of us are Goths like myself and Vampires is what i’m doing! Well to be honest its a year round thing, but like I said, its fun to overdo it on Halloween! Just a little, moderation is always a good thing. Blood is scarce nowadays -_- lol

💀 Is Halloween Changing? 

Gothic Love Halloween Poster 2015

 I’m especially worried how Halloween spirit is being massacred by governing issues these days aswell as things that just ruin Halloween. For starters kids in America want money rather than candy, you could say they are getting savvy and with the times, but I say they are getting greedy, careless. This will maybe be the generation that will destroy Halloween to replace it with fads and trends that have nothing to do with dressing up in fantasy, horror costumes and letting this feast be for kids to meet the neighborhood and adults some party time as it was all this time! Not to mention the butthurt and offense over everything these days! I mean ZSA got a message that a Halloween article of scary lawn decorations was offensive…Excuse me? Its halloween, what else are we to put up? Care bears so no one is offended? That would probably offend someone also by the way!  In France due to terrorism scares the police have advised no costumes carry real life looking weapons as the police might take it as a threat and people might panic. Last year a guy in costume and fake gun, pretended it was real and terrorized a party and now we get these new rules, ruining Halloween for the rest of us all! Soon in America also! Ah this world being ruined by the nasty who misuse their freedoms and make life hard for the rest of us, I guess dressing up as Sheriff Rick Grimes this Halloween is out of the question if you are in France! Blasphemy lol. But ironically dressing up as a giant cockroach is fine! :/ Halloween is also a money making business, it brings 2 billion dollars to the candy industry in America, but if you brush your teeth, it wont cost you that much. Plus in moderation once again.  Dried fruits are also one of my favorite and no its not candy bashing, its extra fun! I love Halloween, i’m going to get some small chocolates if my busy schedule allows!

Well anyhow, all in all Americans and the world who love American traditions despite what they say are enjoying Halloween. So accompany your kids for trick or treat, stay home watch a scary movie, go to the movies with pals, have a zombie pinata party with friends, or scare your neighbor with a friendly prank and try not to get shot. Whatever you do have a Happy and Safe Halloween! Next time this year the zombies might have overtaken the world so best enjoy life now while you still can.

be afraid be very afraid

Want to know more about Halloween? Well how about that, for more on Halloween and where it originally came from, see our article from last year in the link below!

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