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I’m not signing any dumb petition and here is why.

I’m not signing any dumb petition and here is why.


CecilI loathe this Walter dentist as much as some of you do and he broke the law in Zimbabwe, and Poaching is a crime worldwide.  You also cant ignore the fact that Zimbabwe’s own President Mugabe who is the worlds leading black racist and homophobe wanted to eat Lion at his birthday party that cost his tax payers $1 Million when people there are starving.  Hunting game is fine, If you get a trophy from hunting for food, for self defense or when the specific animal population is over the limit, then thats cool and can be fun, but poaching is disgusting. Certain animals are getting extinct, the nay sayers are liars who accuse others of lying and seriously I dont listen to them.  Just as there are cases like in Australia, I felt bad at first when I saw people eating Kangaroo Burgers, I love Kangaroos, but Kangaroos are overtaking the place in some parts and ransacking everything in their way, you might aswell turn some of them into delicious burgers, I have no issues with hunting some game. I cannot stand people who eat cats and dogs and lions are CATS dammit! What part of this do some of you losers not understand?

However as an American man Walter Palmer still has rights ok? The US Justice Department is the one to decide according to law what rights he has and since he broke the law in another country they dont need a bloody petition to extradite the crook. He paid 50K to kill the lion, he knew very well who he was killing, he was an experiences African safari hunter for years, he plays innocent and only people who want to defend him pretend to be fooled! He thought oh well its dumb Africa you can get away with anything here. Well no, have some moral values even if you live in hell sir!

America is a Constitutional Republic, its a form of democracy but one that protects the right of the one, even if the many want something that takes away the right of the few, this is how the fore fathers designed the constitution, so please learn to RESPECT IT for your own damn good! When you need something done, the law requires you to contact your senator and representative and petition him/her to do something. If the congressperson has enough in his/her constituency even if they go against his/her beliefs they must be taken in consideration. If y’all voted for the right person in the first place it would have been better, but often you dont and then cry baby afterwards, but thats another subject. A petition to the white house can be nice if you’re for it, I’ve signed a few in the past, knowing full well nothing will happen, for example the blogger in Saudi Arabia being lashed to death almost, I supported him, but you really think the White House will persecute or cut relations with the House of Saud over some petition? I didnt think so either.

What about the Chattanooga shootings, why isnt the a petition for that? Are the deaths of US Service men worth less than a Lion in Africa?  How about an investigation into the Planned Parenthood selling of baby parts, isnt that illegal and happening right in the United States?  How about the $18 Billion dollars given as aid to Pakistan, when both OBL and Mullah Omar were given refuge by people there? Why isnt this outraging the rest of you also?

Dont be fooled, the white house doesnt care about petitions, there have been many before and nothing was done. They only care because this is a good way to attack people who own guns again. If tomorrow 200 000 people signed a petition to ban gay marriage, the white house would publicly call the petition a hate crime. I personally am not against gay marriage & chances are they are already living together, but the example I am giving is true and you know it!

pizap.com14383133820191Once again if you follow my work and comments, aswell as some other of my cool ZSA staff we are outraged by the terrorist shootings in Tennessee, the ISIS killings, the Planned Parenthood baby parts selling and many other issues, not like some who have a one track mind and can only get mad about one thing at a time. Just aswell we are outraged by the murder of Cecil, this is a crime against nature itself.  I’m all for war & violence when warranted, normally as a last resort when diplomacy fails and killing is a part of it, doesnt mean I enjoy it either.  We all need thrills and excitement, adrenaline is something some people have more than others, well if you care so much, join the Military and serve your nation and kill some bad guys, terrorists as our ancestors killed nazis & communist scum! Now thats killing thats well worth it! I love humans, and the purpose of ZSA was to save humans from the zombies, but I also love animals and I dont see any reason to hurt them just for fun, but thats me and I dont push anyone else, but when an animal is extinct or close to humans, I’m sorry but my values tell me to defend the animals also, and I couldnt care less what you think of it because its not your life at stake here ok? Africa is getting plenty of help, they dont need poachers money because thats dirty money and Africa has enough of that going around. Had the money of the people stayed in the hands of honest brokers, Africa by now would be a 1st world nation more or less, but with primitive traditions and tribal conflicts, there is nothing you do that can really bring Africa out of the Dumb Age, except Africans themselves. Yes I’m generalizing, while there are some awesome people in Africa, most of the continent resembles the other parts, I know because I’m was born and live in Africa.

Now, why is a petition stupid? Simple, it isnt lawful. So if tomorrow you get 100 000 or 1 Million or 30 Million signatures to KILL A LION, would that be ok? Or to take away your guns? Or to see someone rape you wife, or to forcefully take your child away and send him to another country? Would that be ok? Its just stupid and I refuse to sign it. ‪#‎usconstitutionmatters‬


Why Zombies?

Why Zombies?

By Jon “DoubleTap” Britton

02560df2f0d15b4a8618dba685a77dcaLately I have been questioning myself, and society as a whole, regarding the rise of the Zombie Apocalypse sub-culture and my own fascination with zombies of late. I guess I have to start with my own thinking and try to expand that to the sub-culture and society at large. First of all, I have long been interested in politics which I am convinced plays a large part in the rise of the zombie sub-culture. At the same time I have watched the decline of our civilization in many ways, from a moral decline to a decline in peoples’ acceptance of personal responsibility. Throughout modern history there have been many groups that have held apocalyptic beliefs and prepared for the end of the world as we know it.  Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, militias, Y2K and the list goes on, but what is different now? Past Doomsday groups have usually had a specific date in mind, but current Zombie Apocalypse preppers and other modern preppers in general have no such timeline, other than it could happen at anytime. FYI, for those who don’t know, a prepper is someone who prepares for some type of apocalyptic event, ranging from just being prepared to survive some type of natural disaster to financial/governmental collapse to a Zombie Apocalypse. To many people, the world has been teetering on the edge of destruction for a long time, famines, droughts, tsunamis, the dust bowl, great depression, world wars, etc…

confused-zombie-588x392So, how does this all relate to zombies? I believe that zombies have become a metaphorical representation of society in the modern world. We have what some call “Sheeple” that seem to blindly follow the media and whatever view of the world they deem fit to air or print. People who have forgone their individual strength in favor of government checks, food stamps and programs. We have sports zombies that can quote team stats to the most minute detail, but don’t know who their representatives are in the state or federal government. We have a generation of video game zombie kids. TV zombies that are more tuned into Americal Idol or Dancing with the Stars than the economic strife and political turmoil going on around them. We have “Occupiers” that gather en masse in cities all over the world with no agenda other than to complain about the rich 1% instead of putting that effort into becoming the 1%. So, when you stop and think about it, we are surrounded by zombies of some sort on a daily basis. Mindless masses going through life on auto-pilot.

33737465afe573ca2a42e89680ccf08dNow, when we bring all these things together, is it any surprise that the zombie apocalypse sub-culture is growing? More and more people are starting to wake up to the state of the world, the economy, their governments and so on. Many have begun prepping for whatever they perceive as the most pressing threat, but in doing so try to make sure they are prepared for ANY eventuality. Others find that type of prepping to be depressing and/or fatalistic, so just add zombies and it’s a little more palletable. Ironically, zombies also seem to fit their view of the current world condition whether they realize it consciously or not. Zombies, being mindless creatures driven by the basest instincts too feed, this metaphor could apply to those who seem to mindlessly pursue money or power. Those who mindlessly follow the mainstream media or look to the government to fulfill all their needs. Those who mindlessly envy or covet the success and the wealth of others and abdicate their own ability and individual power to achieve.

ZombiesZombiphiles, from what I have seen, seem to be a combination of self-reliant preppers, gun enthusiasts that foresee government restrictions and fun-loving free thinkers. Zombie prep seems to be a fun way to prepare for the worst. Zombie Crawls, zombie themed shooting contests, etc… all seems to put a little fun into serious concerns. That is “Why Zombies?”, zombies represent a metaphorical view of society and put a little light-heartedness into preparing for disaster, be it financial, governmental or natural disasters. For me zombies are definitely a metaphor of society, for others they are just fun and for some they are the ultimate underdog challenge. In America especially, the underdog is an icon, a force to be reckoned with. I believe this is another driving factor behind the rise of the zombiphiles. There is something alluring about a small rag-tag group of survivors facing countless hordes of undead, surviving and slaying the hordes in large numbers.745b044cd4872ba59a4c16df3e52708c

So, that’s my take on zombies, the zombie apocalypse and the rise of a unique sub-culture. Societal metaphor, sense of impending doom on many fronts, attraction to the underdog aspects and just plain fun.


Link to story:https://www.facebook.com/notes/zsa-texas/why-zombies/441157725924197?pnref=story

DoubleTap ZSAAbout the author: Jon DoubleTap Britton, has been a ZSA  HQ Commander since 2012 & Z.S.A. Texas Commander aswell. This piece he wrote impressed many of us at ZSA back then in early 2012 when he originally wrote it. DoubleTap also writes for Cold Dead Hands a 2A advocacy organization and Noozaurus website when he isnt huntin down the Undead & other zombie related activities that is.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Premiere Date Released!

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Premiere Date Released!


fear the walking dead logoOn August 23 the highly anticipated Walking  companion series from AMC & FOX called FEAR THE WALKING DEAD has finally a PREMIERE DATE! Long has been the wait (and many memes to make fun of) for how the “Walker ‘zombie’ Apocalypse” all started! With a complete new set of actors and some surprise guests possibly from the WALKING DEAD original series to cameo also! So far the trailers have been very exciting indeed! Exactly how we imagine the outbreak to take place, nice and slow…just like the zombies.

August 23rd 2015 will be the US & Canadian release date on AMC.

August 24th 2015 release date just about everywhere else, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East! Not sure about Australia, I imagine the same as rest of the world.

IMDB has some more information on the show:


Once again here is one of the many exciting official trailers from the show!

The Origins of Halloween

The Origins of Halloween

Friday, October 31 2014

zsa happy halloween 2014Today is Friday the 31st, before you say darn it if only it was the 13th it would have been better, well 31 is 13 backwards, that must mean something, atleast find the humor in it!  Halloween. It is based mostly on the English celtic festival called Samhain,  that Christians re-baptised into “All Hallows Eve”, re-baptised rather than despised as it integrated traditional beliefs Friday-October-13-2014-is-13-backwards-150x150easier that way, the Church realized this, just as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter are all based on ancient pagan rituals and it was mixed with true Biblical narratives and a can of syncretised beliefs. More fanatic Christians groups like the Jehovahs witnesses pretend they want to do away with all pagan influences but they often all still celebrate Christmas on December 25th lol another pagan holiday the Romans merged with the Birth of Christ. All hallows eve has its main origins in the feast called Samhain something imported from Great Britain, more specifically a Celtic Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. It is celebrated from sunset on 31 October to sunset on 1 November. On the 31st of October the eve of Samhain people would dress up in ghoulish dress habits, in order to trick evil spirits and use lighted turnips. The smoke is something known to irritate evil spirits. They would go house to house asking for an offering and this would release a trapped spirit of a dead person symbolically held in the turnips. The eve of November 1st would be like in many cultures the day to honor their dead, their ancestors who have passed in order to get blessings for a good harvest, prosperity, wealth and happiness in the family unit. All cultures have this exact same ritual actually, called by many names. Perhaps the best known is the Mexican Day of the Dead, no not the movie but the actual holiday observed for the same reasons as the original Halloween, know as “Día de los Muertos” or its original name simply ” Día de Muertos” in Spanish. It was initially rejected by the Church for a long time before becoming a national bank holiday in Mexico and similar feasts in Brazil among other places. Its a 3 day festival complete with creepy skull & skeletal statues to cuter statuettes, add face make up all celebrating death aswell as remembering the loved ones who have passed to the other side, wherever that other side may be lol.  Dia De MuertosIt is basically a day to honor the ancestors and once more you will find the celebrations in other nations under different names. It takes place on yes you guessed it, October 31, November 1st and ends on November 2nd!  Some will dress in black, some in white, some in multi colored dresses and suits! Death can be turned into a beautiful event if you have the right spirit. There is a joke in there somewhere if you know how to catch it :p The more you know, the more you realize how the world’s cultures evolved and how similar they are to others, yet many will deny the others day has anything whatsoever  to do with theirs. Ignorance is NOT Bliss! 

The Catholic Church transformed the event into the eve of celebrating all the saints of the Church. Known as All hallows eve on 31 October, and on November 1st All Saints day, still celebrated today by the Catholics. The faithful will visit the graves of their lost ones even in nations where they dont know much about Halloween, or dont even realize its the same feast. This became an especially Americanized feast when Irish and Scottish immigrants brought with them the practice to the new world. This included among others prayers for the dead in cemeteries at night. The tradition carried on until people forgot completely its Pagan and then Christian influences. The use of pumpkins instead of turnips was due to its availability in the Americas and it has hence become a symbol of Halloween itself!

Trick Or treat origins

Witches-and-Spells-300x252Many of us have done this timeless times when we were kids (and sometimes as adults too lol) gone from house to house dressed up as a character or scary monster,  I remember dressing up as a Doctor, an Army General, Ghost among other things.  It was fun, all the kids I know loved it and we would say trick or treat and by the end of the parading around town we would have tons of candies, chocolates and sometimes fruits and small creepy gifts.  This is well known in America and those like me who grew up around expatriate American communities. Originally it has been believed that  “trick” referred to a “threat”  that some mischief on the home of a person or their property  if they refused to hand over a treat.  I guess it was alot less nicer back in the days lol!  In the medieval ages a practice known as “mumming”, a group of seasonal folk plays performed by troupes of actors known as mummers or guisers doing the act of mummering where they would like all good actors dress up as characters which inspired the later trick or treaters which involved dressing up and going house to house like troupes of actors.   The Church used to carry out Mumming plays on the feast of All Hallows Eve and even other feasts. This also stems from Souling that took over as explained above the original “Pagan Halloween” Souling can be dated back to as far back as the 15th century A.D. Where people folks would bake “soul” cakes christen them and then share them with poor people, many times children going door to door picking them up as offerings and in exchange for the cakes, the children would pray for the dead and this would release souls stuck in purgatory (hell)  this was known as All-hallow-tide Souling. This was popular mostly in Great Britain aswell as western european nations like Germany & Austria.

One can see clearly how all this evolved into todays modern halloween, but like most things, they are forgotten! One not so good experience in my childhood halloweening days illustrates this well as the adults forgot how trick or treat came to be one & of my schoolmates got an apple with a razor Snow_White_the_Witch_and_the_apple-300x222blade inside, almost cut her mouth.  Somehow makes me think of Snow White and the poisonous apple given to her by the evil witch! The person who gave the apple clearly thought trick or treat meant the giver may trick or treat, when it was the other way around originally. Needless to say this was a horrible night and the person who gave it might either have thought it was a “good” (morbid) joke or maybe was even anti halloween or simply hated little kids.  Not very nice of the person but it all plays right into the scary side of halloween we know today, as it has also become the horror holiday of the year, without taking anything away from all the Friday the thirteens…..Some of us, its Halloween all year long, halloween is the day others join us! 🙂

At Zombie Safe Area we wish you a happy and safe trick-or-treating for both kids and adults lol. If you see a zombie tonight dont kill it, its probably a normal person in a costume! Have Some Halloween fun!




 By Kashwak No-Fo


It was a spectacular event, the 2011 Crawl Of The Dead walk in Herne Bay, in Kent England ! The zombies were out in full force, the nice small quiet town of Kent was now full of the walking dead and among them was our own Kelvin Kashwak No-Fo Meller, his wife Kay and friend Lex representing Zombie Safe Area! We were indeed proud to have pariticipated in publicizing this event and in the video below you will not only see Kashwak and co, but credits to us! We thank the organizers for everything! All for a good charitable cause and so much zombie fun!

Interview conducted by 3 way chat on Facebook 1/11/11 

Gerald McCarthy, Dave Ware, Scott Turner

Hello guys, so I can get all 3 points of view I’m gonna post questions on here over the next day and put together interview from this …..

ST – Scott Turner

GM – Gerald McCarthy (Gez/Jez)

DW – Dave Ware

KM – Kelvin Meller (Interviewer)

Zombies need money for good charity lol Kent Air Ambulance!


Q1 – Ok first obvious one, how did it all start?

ST – As I remember it, Jez and I were chatting about Halloween and he mentioned a zombie crawl and both thought that would be cool. The next day I checked Facebook and there it was, the Zombie Facebook page was up. Jez had no choice, I was in!

GM – Too much red wine on a Sunday and a Hangover idea…

DW – , It started when gez started asking the question whose up for a zombie crawl around the bay, the angle I liked was getting people to do an event in a small town and prove we can do something.

 Q2 How many people told you it would never work? Or that you’d gone mad ??

ST -It wasn’t so much as they thought it wouldn’t work, just that we were mental. A few were worried it might just be us, but knew we wouldn’t mind.

GM – Wife said we’d gone mad, but mainly it was knowing how difficult it is to get people physically involved in something like this, in a small town like Herne Bay. We were all a little worried up until the day to be honest.

DW – , I think it was us that doubted it a bit, we just wondered if it would take off. Gez and Scott are mostly mad anyway 😉

Q3 did you run into many objections from local residents while planning?

ST – I think ‘normal’ people just didn’t see it coming, until it was too late. There were no objectin before or after!

GM – We didn’t tell them!

KM – lmfao classic

GM -What they didn’t know – they couldn’t object to!

KM -Very true

DW – No objections which surprised me a bit, there’s always someone ready to put pen to paper!

Q4 so at what point did they find out …….

ST – The point at which they thought they were about to be chewed on.

 GM – When 250 Zombies turned up in the middle of town.(g)

KM – Nice no wonder that guy in the kebab shop looked like his world had ended

DW – they started to find out mostly through facebook and local papers were very good and then you have Gez! lol

Q5 what was the local authority’s reaction to this?

ST – Once the call came in on the day before the crawl, they wanted to support us, but make sure it was safe. They also gave us a small police presence, which made for good footage and photos, see their grins!!

GM – They were concerned that we did not have the experience or expertise to manage a large crowd of people, so we had to ask friends and family to act as Marshals. The Police also asked for a route map just so they could be on standby.

DW – Local authority were quite until near the end, infact i was surprised by that……in a good way.

Q6 What was your main source of promotion for the crawl?

ST – Facebook, Jez’s videos and Morrisons advertising board which Jez had a strange fetish about keeping tidy. He stealthier made three different posters or quite different to maximise the space available. I joined in operation ‘Pin Board tidy’ whenever I was doing my shopping.

GM – Video promotions, a range of posters, and of course – Facebook!

KM -Send me one if you have any left 🙂

DW – main source i would say was facebook and bringing it over as a family event. I thought the fact of Gez’s videos was always a talking point for people.

Q7 Why Kent air ambulance as your charity of choice?

ST – I think Dave and Gez like this one, I wanted to save the lesser spotted field mouse, but was overruled.

GM – I used my Halloween collection a couple of years ago when I turned my garage in to a Dungeon, and we chose the Kent Air Ambulance then. I suppose it’s because people forget that this service is not government funded at all – it relies solely on charitable donations to operate! The main promo poster we put up and spread on facebook, as well as all around town is this one: 


DW – Kent air ambulance is always a good charity to give to. People respond to that cause.

Q8 where and when did your fascination / obsession with zombies first start (films shows comics)

ST – Early 80s, older brother secretly renting out Zombie Flesh Eaters and The Evil Dead and me watching through the crack in the door. Mr Bruce Campbell is a particular favourite of mine with a chin of beauty. My guilty pleasure is Army of Darkness, but not strictly a Zombie film at this point.

 GM – I was abroad, 9 years old and I wandered down the street in to a spanish cafe where they were watching the exorcist. That freaked me out for months, ever since then there seems to be a draw toward Zombies, a bit like overly spiced food – it burns, but you love it and keep coming back for more!  I can still remember being 8 and finding my brothers illegal pirate copy of the uncut evil dead he caught me so to teach me a lesson he forced me to watch DOTD mmmmm don’t think it quite worked the way he planned lmao

DW – The funny thing is I’m not a “fanatic” like some lol but what I do like is get togethers like when Gez hosts a Halloween party etc. What really got me involved is let’s “shake” Herne Bayup a bit and see if we can get a family night off the ground.

Q9 here’s a random one I’m planning on shooting a vid on household objects you can use come Z-day any ideas I will be doing a bad ideas bit on the end so give me one of each GOOD / BAD

ST – Good: Dyson hose, straight through the forward, brain sucked straight into that patented vortex of suction.

ST – Bad: Scrubbing them to death with a brillo pad.

KM – here’s a random one I’m planning on shooting a vid on household objects you can use come Zday any ideas I will be doing a bad ideas bit on the end so give me one of each GO

GM – Corr, that’s tricky, give me a few minutes…

GM A microwave on an extension lead jammed on to a Zombies head, wired to cook on full power till the head explodes. Silly one – Jamming a 12inch Buzz Light-year in to the rear of a Zombie’s head. (And taking a picture of the legs sticking out)

KM -I have 2 of them looks like buzz is in lol

GM -nice….

DW – Maybe a zombies hand in a blender? This is more Scotts thing!

Q10 you guys were running a competition for best zombie how were you planning to judge the participants ……..

ST – I saw Gez’s answer, let’s go with that 🙂

GM – Glad you asked, were going to do the “like” numbers on the photos on facebook, but that looks a bit tricky. We’ve got about 10 prizes to give away – could you tell us your favourite 5, and we’ll choose 5? We’re gonna give them to Zombie “groups” of people, that way, more people go away happy!

DW -as Gez said.

 Q11 what advise if any would you give to others planning a similar event in their towns.

ST – Target everyone, young to old, fanboys and families. As we found out, everyone enjoyed getting involved.

GM – There were 3 of us that really wanted to get this going, all with the same enthusiasm – get as many people involved in planning, advertising, charity collecting as you can, start advertising locally and on facebook at least 3/4 weeks before the event, change, and update posters constantly, email the posters to facebook friends and get them to print and stick up the posters at work, get the local papers to run a weekly build up to the event (we managed 3 consecutive weeks with almost half page editorials) See if you can a get posters up at a nearby university, If you can get video promos of the event, even better – post youtube links to other crawls to give them a feel for what one is, for make-up and costume tutorials, most of all push, push, push it all the way to the day itself.

DW – make it light hearted, make it a family event and find a kebab shop!

Q12 what does the future hold for zombies in Herne Bay

ST – I reckon we’re on to a new Herne Bay yearly tradition that has the potential to grow and grow.

GM- The future is bright…the future is more Zombies, loads more Zombies and a giant event next year.

DW- yeah a lot of what Gez has said, we went in “blind” on this one and came away very happy. Think the children wont let this go away the zombie children will demand another Zombie Crawl!

KM -Ok a couple of serious Zday questions

ZQ1 do you think a zombie apocalypse is a possibility if so where and what would be it’s cause

 GM -I think history has shown than mankind can kill, on a large scale. Viruses mutate in different ways each year around the globe. If there was a specific virus that spread to our brains that could specifically target certain decision making areas of the mind in a bad way – possibly, but only very remotely. Where – major cities spread the virus the most quickly due to dense populations, when. Who knows..it could just be tomorrow.

DW Yes its possible , probably starting round Gez or scotts house when people get fed up with them lol

ZQ2 your wife has been bit do you

A) shoot her straight in the head

B) wait for her to turn and shoot her in the head

C) keep her as a pet in the basement

GM -Wait for her to turn, otherwise I’ll have make my OWN tea

DW –  I think C, though it would probably end up me being the pet! lol

ZQ3 easy one for all 3, Favourite zombie top 3 films

GM -Evil Dead, Night of The Living Dead, 28 days later

DW – Evil dead Braindead and of course shaun of the dead!

ZQ 4 Who’s survival guide max brooks or Sean T Page (hint sneaky plug) ray mears or do you have any other suggestions??

GM -Sean T Page I would say…

ZQ 5 fortify or bug out , if your buggin out where are you going?

GM – I’m going out all guns blazing mate.

DW – I’ll stand behind Gez…or Scott! lol

Last one …..….Anyone you’d like thank or anything you’d like to add ?

GM – I’d like to thank all the adults and Kids that made the special effort to do something positive for Herne Bay. There’s lots of doom and gloom in the world and for a few hours on Saturday 29th October we saw lots of people having a great time. I’d like to thank 2000ad magazine and Sean T Page for their prizes which will shortly be going to some worthy Zombies. I’d like to thank Scott Turner and Dave Ware, without the collective madness of the three of us, this event could never have happened. I’d like to thank the Zombie Safe Area Team for their help in promoting the event and for bringing to our attention their great, funny web pages. And the Lego Zombie Outbreak Team for their amazing displays and for agreeing to send me one of their cool Zombie Lego Men. (please)


KM – as soon as you have idea for dates of next one tell the ministry of zombies and they will attend en mass

GM -Will do, cheers.

KM -See who says you can’t do an interview on a roof over London lmao

GM -ha ha…quality

DW – Evil dead Braindead and of course shaun of the dead!

DW – Last bit.…I’d like to thank Gez, Scott and all our families for getting in the spirit. The local papers, facebook! Dave Hammond for coming up with great photos but most of all the people of Herne bay for coming out taking part, giving donations etc and making the dream a reality and of course you guys making the trip down!

KM – Nice I’ll email over when edited thanks for stepping up and making a difference it’s not many people can do what you did well done

ST – Nice one!

GM I’m going all goooey…

DW -He was talking to me lads…;-) (russ abbott at his best)

GM ha ha…

DW- or we could be the Three stooges! lol

GM – more like it!

ST – I’m too young to know who they are.

GM – Ho ho


Funny moment in prep of Crawl of the Dead, Kashwak & co's cloths stained for effect hanging in the yard.....I wonder if my neighbours have phoned the cops yet........ ☣Kashwak☣
The crew are coming .......... Lex, Kashwak, Kay.

 Herne Bay Zombie Crawl – The Movie

Herne Bay Zombie Crawl – WordPress site:  http://hbzc.wordpress.com/