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Happy 8th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

Happy 8th Birthday Zombie Safe Area!

Happy 8th Birthday Zombie Safe Area! After 8 Years the Zombie Safe Area Containment Facility for the Undead is still holding strong, As are the Walls and the Security procedures and protocols in place.All thanks to our steadfast & vigilant Commanders and Vice Commanders of all our Divisions and ofcourse our very loyal fans! Thank You Everybody and Happy 8 Years Anniversary!

Happy 8 Years Birthday Z.S.A.

Thanks again to D-Undertaker for creating Z.S.A. and to all loyal admins for keeping it alive!!!!! #ZSA8YearsBirthday




When The DEAD Refuse To Rest In Peace

When the DEAD refuse to Rest in Peace.

Monday, July 24, 2017  By  Ð-Ünder†aker

We have lived to yet another anniversary, 6 years and still biting ! Keeping you safe for six years!

If this were a post zombie apocalyptic period imagine the accomplishment of not being devoured by the living dead or even worse killed, captured, tortured by gangs and terrorists?  We have come a long way from the first day when D-Undertaker created Z.S.A.  to the Z.S.A. staff that have often contributed to our many successes at our main headquarters or our divisions around the globe, to our thousands of thousands of loyal fans!   We have encountered laughter, anger, happiness sadness and betrayals, but today we celebrate another day of being alive & well while keeping in mind the dangers that lurk out there, the very real ones : the living! The Dead refuse to die, and among the living there are those who refuse to leave the living alone! Both of them are pests that can seriously ruin your day.  In a post ZPOC world the gangs of thugs would rule the day and night looking for both food and slaves. The survival groups out there would have to be very vigilant who they trust, starting with their own. You may have the most sophisticated zombie safe area with walls and security systems impenetrable from the outside, but all it takes is one traitor inside to open the gates and allow a flood of the living dead to enter.   No safe area is 100% fool proof, negligence or malicious behavior can bring us down.  I dont care your reasons, mental stress or power hungry but if you betray us, you become zombie bait!



By now ZSA fans know the basics, the 1st survival method is mental  & for those who believe is some kind of higher power, spiritual aswell.  At the end of the day your own attitude of confidence, empathy and justice will help you realize whats important and what’s not. If you are not mentally prepared in life for crisis, disasters of any kind you won’t survive a zombie outbreak. Panic is your worst enemy.  Those around you who panic is just as bad. 2nd is physical preparation, your body needs to be healthy & strong. Sports, exercise, diet, water and controlling any illness you struggle with.  3rd is knowing your surroundings, having an escape plan to bug out or bug in, a plan that yourself and family or friends have worked out and practiced by doing real life drills. How to communicate when phones & internet is down, because face it, not long after an outbreak all forms of modern technology will go down or be shut down by the authorities in a bid to control the situation and limit mass panic. One of my very first posts on ZSA was about that. Agreeing on a meeting point before hand where all your team will meet when there is an outbreak is how you re group fast and will find all those you need to send messages to.  They can then carry more messages to others, but first you need to get to that meeting point.  Always have an alternative meeting place incase the first point happened to be over run by zombies or barred by security & defense officials. Planning is everything.  It is the entire reason behind ZSA, plan for any type of disaster, man made, natural or zombies. 4th is prepper training how to hoard food, grow basic things, fetch & purify water.  Truth be told without water your survival plan is screwed from the get go.  Water is life it is said. It is true.  You need water to survive. The more you know how to grow, the less you have to scavenge. So many people will be scavenging and you will encounter some very bad people if you depend on “leftovers from the pre apocalypse time period” plus those are bound to run out sooner or later.  You would always have to be careful that you arent stealing some living persons provisions. If you do, then you would be no different from the thugs. Will any of that even matter in such a world? For us we hope it will if we want to bring back a world with some kind of order and respect.  5th is some basic MEDICAL  knowledge , however basic it will save you and yours when there is no doctor around. Lastly 6th is your own defense and that of your loved ones. You cannot expect help from anyone else, nor trust anyone who says they will protect you. If you want to learn the hard way, be my guest and trust others, you will pay the price and so will your companions in the worst possible ways.  Trust your instinct and have whatever available tools you need to fight and fend for yourself.  Teach your companions to do the same as much as they can.  Protect yourself by knowing how to defend yourself.  Those damn zombies will not kill themselves, you have to do it.

Worth mentioning is ofcourse the notable  passing of the father of the modern zombie movie genre & subculture, George A Romero who directed some of the greatest zombie classics that sealed the image of the modern zombie present even today with such hits as The Walking Dead or Resident Evil. Romero passed away on July 16th 2017 at the age of 77 we hope he rests in peace and if not, then he will rise from the grave!   Active  in public life until the  very end, Romeros’s legacy will last longer than any doomsday apocalypse!

Stay prepared, stay zombie free and remember our motto is to Protect, to Fight and to Win! Contego, Pugna, Victoria!

Merry Christmas from ZSA!

Merry Christmas from ZSA!

zsa x mas zombie and woman prepper

Friday, December 25th, 2015 : From our ZSA family to yours, Merry X Mas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Ho Ho Ho, etc etc.

Make it a Magical Day! Christians celebrate it as the birth of Jesus Christ, but its also recognized a cultural feast in many countries around the world for the non religious aswell! Whatever be the case, its a lovely day and even during the zombie apocalypse we try to make it as wonderful as possible! Count your blessings, remember those who did good to you, aswell as those who did bad to you, forgive them for forgiveness is good for your own well being first, aswell as theirs, sooner or later a zombie will get them anyway! So rest easy folks! Pray for those who pray, play for those who play, hunt for those who hunt, think for those who think. lol.

Be your own Santa and for those who you can help also! Be responsible to others and play it safe, we need you in one piece for tomorrow the Undead will still roam the earth and we need to beat them before they take over.

Ð☣Ünder†aker & Team Zombie Safe Area


🎃 Happy Halloween Zombie Friends!


By Ð☣Ünder†aker


This Halloween we remember that one day Zombies will be real hopefully and you wont need a costume!

vampire with her friend gothic love photoIts that time of the year again were everyone else becomes as creepy as you! You being if you are a horror fan like us at ZSA! Zombies, clowns, werewolves, witches, politicians, these are the scariest costumes you could wear and we love it! Many of our folks at ZSA are choosing to be zombies because we simply love it, but some of us are Goths like myself and Vampires is what i’m doing! Well to be honest its a year round thing, but like I said, its fun to overdo it on Halloween! Just a little, moderation is always a good thing. Blood is scarce nowadays -_- lol

💀 Is Halloween Changing? 

Gothic Love Halloween Poster 2015

 I’m especially worried how Halloween spirit is being massacred by governing issues these days aswell as things that just ruin Halloween. For starters kids in America want money rather than candy, you could say they are getting savvy and with the times, but I say they are getting greedy, careless. This will maybe be the generation that will destroy Halloween to replace it with fads and trends that have nothing to do with dressing up in fantasy, horror costumes and letting this feast be for kids to meet the neighborhood and adults some party time as it was all this time! Not to mention the butthurt and offense over everything these days! I mean ZSA got a message that a Halloween article of scary lawn decorations was offensive…Excuse me? Its halloween, what else are we to put up? Care bears so no one is offended? That would probably offend someone also by the way!  In France due to terrorism scares the police have advised no costumes carry real life looking weapons as the police might take it as a threat and people might panic. Last year a guy in costume and fake gun, pretended it was real and terrorized a party and now we get these new rules, ruining Halloween for the rest of us all! Soon in America also! Ah this world being ruined by the nasty who misuse their freedoms and make life hard for the rest of us, I guess dressing up as Sheriff Rick Grimes this Halloween is out of the question if you are in France! Blasphemy lol. But ironically dressing up as a giant cockroach is fine! :/ Halloween is also a money making business, it brings 2 billion dollars to the candy industry in America, but if you brush your teeth, it wont cost you that much. Plus in moderation once again.  Dried fruits are also one of my favorite and no its not candy bashing, its extra fun! I love Halloween, i’m going to get some small chocolates if my busy schedule allows!

Well anyhow, all in all Americans and the world who love American traditions despite what they say are enjoying Halloween. So accompany your kids for trick or treat, stay home watch a scary movie, go to the movies with pals, have a zombie pinata party with friends, or scare your neighbor with a friendly prank and try not to get shot. Whatever you do have a Happy and Safe Halloween! Next time this year the zombies might have overtaken the world so best enjoy life now while you still can.

be afraid be very afraid

Want to know more about Halloween? Well how about that, for more on Halloween and where it originally came from, see our article from last year in the link below!

The Origins of Halloween by Zombie Safe Area

Happy 4 Infectious Years to ZSA today!

Happy 4 Infectious Years to ZSA today!



Yay and many more! Join our facebook page today!

zsa fourth anniversary

Yes its already been 4 Years! Only!

July 24th 2011, was the day after being a fan of the zombie genre for years and then watching the walking dead season 1,  the facebook zombie pages enthusiasm was at its best and Facebook was also! Pages were flourishing and people were happy and I wanted to make a page also and I came up with the name Zombie Safe Area as it seemed original compared to what I was seeing on facebook and it is what most Zombie Survivors need as a base in the ZPOC.  Some other zombies pages helped me out when I had just 10 likes, and it went up and later I added some new admins & many new awesome members and it went zomballistic from there. We have had our Ups and Downs but thats life in the Zombie Apocalypse for ya.

ZSA thanks you all for making it such a fun ride! Couldnt have done it without all our fans and ZSA family!



We Protect, We Fight, We Win!

Why Zombies?

Why Zombies?

By Jon “DoubleTap” Britton

02560df2f0d15b4a8618dba685a77dcaLately I have been questioning myself, and society as a whole, regarding the rise of the Zombie Apocalypse sub-culture and my own fascination with zombies of late. I guess I have to start with my own thinking and try to expand that to the sub-culture and society at large. First of all, I have long been interested in politics which I am convinced plays a large part in the rise of the zombie sub-culture. At the same time I have watched the decline of our civilization in many ways, from a moral decline to a decline in peoples’ acceptance of personal responsibility. Throughout modern history there have been many groups that have held apocalyptic beliefs and prepared for the end of the world as we know it.  Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, militias, Y2K and the list goes on, but what is different now? Past Doomsday groups have usually had a specific date in mind, but current Zombie Apocalypse preppers and other modern preppers in general have no such timeline, other than it could happen at anytime. FYI, for those who don’t know, a prepper is someone who prepares for some type of apocalyptic event, ranging from just being prepared to survive some type of natural disaster to financial/governmental collapse to a Zombie Apocalypse. To many people, the world has been teetering on the edge of destruction for a long time, famines, droughts, tsunamis, the dust bowl, great depression, world wars, etc…

confused-zombie-588x392So, how does this all relate to zombies? I believe that zombies have become a metaphorical representation of society in the modern world. We have what some call “Sheeple” that seem to blindly follow the media and whatever view of the world they deem fit to air or print. People who have forgone their individual strength in favor of government checks, food stamps and programs. We have sports zombies that can quote team stats to the most minute detail, but don’t know who their representatives are in the state or federal government. We have a generation of video game zombie kids. TV zombies that are more tuned into Americal Idol or Dancing with the Stars than the economic strife and political turmoil going on around them. We have “Occupiers” that gather en masse in cities all over the world with no agenda other than to complain about the rich 1% instead of putting that effort into becoming the 1%. So, when you stop and think about it, we are surrounded by zombies of some sort on a daily basis. Mindless masses going through life on auto-pilot.

33737465afe573ca2a42e89680ccf08dNow, when we bring all these things together, is it any surprise that the zombie apocalypse sub-culture is growing? More and more people are starting to wake up to the state of the world, the economy, their governments and so on. Many have begun prepping for whatever they perceive as the most pressing threat, but in doing so try to make sure they are prepared for ANY eventuality. Others find that type of prepping to be depressing and/or fatalistic, so just add zombies and it’s a little more palletable. Ironically, zombies also seem to fit their view of the current world condition whether they realize it consciously or not. Zombies, being mindless creatures driven by the basest instincts too feed, this metaphor could apply to those who seem to mindlessly pursue money or power. Those who mindlessly follow the mainstream media or look to the government to fulfill all their needs. Those who mindlessly envy or covet the success and the wealth of others and abdicate their own ability and individual power to achieve.

ZombiesZombiphiles, from what I have seen, seem to be a combination of self-reliant preppers, gun enthusiasts that foresee government restrictions and fun-loving free thinkers. Zombie prep seems to be a fun way to prepare for the worst. Zombie Crawls, zombie themed shooting contests, etc… all seems to put a little fun into serious concerns. That is “Why Zombies?”, zombies represent a metaphorical view of society and put a little light-heartedness into preparing for disaster, be it financial, governmental or natural disasters. For me zombies are definitely a metaphor of society, for others they are just fun and for some they are the ultimate underdog challenge. In America especially, the underdog is an icon, a force to be reckoned with. I believe this is another driving factor behind the rise of the zombiphiles. There is something alluring about a small rag-tag group of survivors facing countless hordes of undead, surviving and slaying the hordes in large numbers.745b044cd4872ba59a4c16df3e52708c

So, that’s my take on zombies, the zombie apocalypse and the rise of a unique sub-culture. Societal metaphor, sense of impending doom on many fronts, attraction to the underdog aspects and just plain fun.


Link to story:https://www.facebook.com/notes/zsa-texas/why-zombies/441157725924197?pnref=story

DoubleTap ZSAAbout the author: Jon DoubleTap Britton, has been a ZSA  HQ Commander since 2012 & Z.S.A. Texas Commander aswell. This piece he wrote impressed many of us at ZSA back then in early 2012 when he originally wrote it. DoubleTap also writes for Cold Dead Hands a 2A advocacy organization and Noozaurus website when he isnt huntin down the Undead & other zombie related activities that is.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Premiere Date Released!

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Premiere Date Released!


fear the walking dead logoOn August 23 the highly anticipated Walking  companion series from AMC & FOX called FEAR THE WALKING DEAD has finally a PREMIERE DATE! Long has been the wait (and many memes to make fun of) for how the “Walker ‘zombie’ Apocalypse” all started! With a complete new set of actors and some surprise guests possibly from the WALKING DEAD original series to cameo also! So far the trailers have been very exciting indeed! Exactly how we imagine the outbreak to take place, nice and slow…just like the zombies.

August 23rd 2015 will be the US & Canadian release date on AMC.

August 24th 2015 release date just about everywhere else, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East! Not sure about Australia, I imagine the same as rest of the world.

IMDB has some more information on the show:


Once again here is one of the many exciting official trailers from the show!

The Origins of Halloween

The Origins of Halloween

Friday, October 31 2014

zsa happy halloween 2014Today is Friday the 31st, before you say darn it if only it was the 13th it would have been better, well 31 is 13 backwards, that must mean something, atleast find the humor in it!  Halloween. It is based mostly on the English celtic festival called Samhain,  that Christians re-baptised into “All Hallows Eve”, re-baptised rather than despised as it integrated traditional beliefs Friday-October-13-2014-is-13-backwards-150x150easier that way, the Church realized this, just as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter are all based on ancient pagan rituals and it was mixed with true Biblical narratives and a can of syncretised beliefs. More fanatic Christians groups like the Jehovahs witnesses pretend they want to do away with all pagan influences but they often all still celebrate Christmas on December 25th lol another pagan holiday the Romans merged with the Birth of Christ. All hallows eve has its main origins in the feast called Samhain something imported from Great Britain, more specifically a Celtic Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. It is celebrated from sunset on 31 October to sunset on 1 November. On the 31st of October the eve of Samhain people would dress up in ghoulish dress habits, in order to trick evil spirits and use lighted turnips. The smoke is something known to irritate evil spirits. They would go house to house asking for an offering and this would release a trapped spirit of a dead person symbolically held in the turnips. The eve of November 1st would be like in many cultures the day to honor their dead, their ancestors who have passed in order to get blessings for a good harvest, prosperity, wealth and happiness in the family unit. All cultures have this exact same ritual actually, called by many names. Perhaps the best known is the Mexican Day of the Dead, no not the movie but the actual holiday observed for the same reasons as the original Halloween, know as “Día de los Muertos” or its original name simply ” Día de Muertos” in Spanish. It was initially rejected by the Church for a long time before becoming a national bank holiday in Mexico and similar feasts in Brazil among other places. Its a 3 day festival complete with creepy skull & skeletal statues to cuter statuettes, add face make up all celebrating death aswell as remembering the loved ones who have passed to the other side, wherever that other side may be lol.  Dia De MuertosIt is basically a day to honor the ancestors and once more you will find the celebrations in other nations under different names. It takes place on yes you guessed it, October 31, November 1st and ends on November 2nd!  Some will dress in black, some in white, some in multi colored dresses and suits! Death can be turned into a beautiful event if you have the right spirit. There is a joke in there somewhere if you know how to catch it :p The more you know, the more you realize how the world’s cultures evolved and how similar they are to others, yet many will deny the others day has anything whatsoever  to do with theirs. Ignorance is NOT Bliss! 

The Catholic Church transformed the event into the eve of celebrating all the saints of the Church. Known as All hallows eve on 31 October, and on November 1st All Saints day, still celebrated today by the Catholics. The faithful will visit the graves of their lost ones even in nations where they dont know much about Halloween, or dont even realize its the same feast. This became an especially Americanized feast when Irish and Scottish immigrants brought with them the practice to the new world. This included among others prayers for the dead in cemeteries at night. The tradition carried on until people forgot completely its Pagan and then Christian influences. The use of pumpkins instead of turnips was due to its availability in the Americas and it has hence become a symbol of Halloween itself!

Trick Or treat origins

Witches-and-Spells-300x252Many of us have done this timeless times when we were kids (and sometimes as adults too lol) gone from house to house dressed up as a character or scary monster,  I remember dressing up as a Doctor, an Army General, Ghost among other things.  It was fun, all the kids I know loved it and we would say trick or treat and by the end of the parading around town we would have tons of candies, chocolates and sometimes fruits and small creepy gifts.  This is well known in America and those like me who grew up around expatriate American communities. Originally it has been believed that  “trick” referred to a “threat”  that some mischief on the home of a person or their property  if they refused to hand over a treat.  I guess it was alot less nicer back in the days lol!  In the medieval ages a practice known as “mumming”, a group of seasonal folk plays performed by troupes of actors known as mummers or guisers doing the act of mummering where they would like all good actors dress up as characters which inspired the later trick or treaters which involved dressing up and going house to house like troupes of actors.   The Church used to carry out Mumming plays on the feast of All Hallows Eve and even other feasts. This also stems from Souling that took over as explained above the original “Pagan Halloween” Souling can be dated back to as far back as the 15th century A.D. Where people folks would bake “soul” cakes christen them and then share them with poor people, many times children going door to door picking them up as offerings and in exchange for the cakes, the children would pray for the dead and this would release souls stuck in purgatory (hell)  this was known as All-hallow-tide Souling. This was popular mostly in Great Britain aswell as western european nations like Germany & Austria.

One can see clearly how all this evolved into todays modern halloween, but like most things, they are forgotten! One not so good experience in my childhood halloweening days illustrates this well as the adults forgot how trick or treat came to be one & of my schoolmates got an apple with a razor Snow_White_the_Witch_and_the_apple-300x222blade inside, almost cut her mouth.  Somehow makes me think of Snow White and the poisonous apple given to her by the evil witch! The person who gave the apple clearly thought trick or treat meant the giver may trick or treat, when it was the other way around originally. Needless to say this was a horrible night and the person who gave it might either have thought it was a “good” (morbid) joke or maybe was even anti halloween or simply hated little kids.  Not very nice of the person but it all plays right into the scary side of halloween we know today, as it has also become the horror holiday of the year, without taking anything away from all the Friday the thirteens…..Some of us, its Halloween all year long, halloween is the day others join us! 🙂

At Zombie Safe Area we wish you a happy and safe trick-or-treating for both kids and adults lol. If you see a zombie tonight dont kill it, its probably a normal person in a costume! Have Some Halloween fun!