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zsa global zombie news logoThe media division of Z.S.A and brainchild of Commander DEAD AIR, author of the zombie novel DEAD AIR. ZSA Global Zombie News, is our Global radars that are circulating the globe 24 hours a day to find the least zombie news story that should pop up and bring about the zombie outbreak! We post anything relevant that could otherwise start the outbreak from medical epidemics to world conflicts. Natural disasters are natures way of “zombie apocalypsing” us lol and we monitor any and all of those that happen around the world and even beyond when they become a threat. Yes we are like the men in black, but for zombies…mostly. 10409652_838690052884968_7424001958902174261_nOur staff works 24 hours a day to keep you posted on events and we post it all on our facebook page, that you can see posted the URL below. In order for us here at Z.S.A. Global Zombie News to get the latest while its-still-hot-and-bleeding information we need YOU our dear members to inform us of the latest zombie outbreaks in your area! Aswell as natural disasters (if your internet works) weather disturbances, chemical, biological, nuclear spills, bizarre accidents, officials acting weird and funny talking animals. Now don’t be telling yourself oh my town is too small, or my country too insignificant! No, your town no matter how tiny might very well be the starting point of the end of the world and we want to be able to tell everyone about it! So inbox us today the minute the skies turn grey or the waters turn on you! You will get to read about it right here once you do!  lol Keep it here with us and you will be the first to know when the dead have risen and snacking on you and me and everybody else also! Thank you!

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