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We are working with fellow survivalists all over the world, to construct and maintain ZOMBIE FREE SECURE AREAS AND BUILDINGS COMPLETE WITH DEFENSE, FOOD, MEDICAL, RESCUE, LODGING AND BIO TECH EXPERTS in order to better save humanity the day zombies and the living dead walk the earth! We believe in being prepared to save as many of you out there as possible. Join us today and help us organize the best defense against the zombies for you, your family and friends. Yes, we like to joke but the day zombies attack, you won’t regret you have a plan.


We will sometimes rile you up to make you think of the realities this world could be like, not just in a Zombie Outbreak but any kind of urgent CRISIS! We will EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN, INFORM and PREPARE you for all kinds of things. Self reliance & mental READINESS are two secrets to surviving any kind of disaster, be it a natural calamity, emergency evacuation or zombie outbreak!

Our combined experiences with life, emergencies, and defense will be of immense help in these GLOBAL efforts, not just by us but by our fellow zombie defense friends all around the world. Our Commanders and Officers are from every occupation, including builders, soldiers, medics and even parapsychologists. So believe you me we have the expertise and the aptitude, not to mention, the will to seriously PLACE THE ZOMBIES ON THE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST! The global Zombie plague just got an expiration date!

You can count on us to be there every step of the way and especially on that crucial day (we all hope will not happen, but kinda wish it did) to place you in the security of a safe area, and then teach you how to fight back and destroy the undead who roam the earth.

In the event of a zombie outbreak, we are the ones to contact in order to find pre-disposed Zombie free SAFE AREA’s around the world nearest TO YOU! We love our friends, fans, and allies and invite YOU to join us in our battle to fight the dark side of the zombies! (Because there is a light side to them also!) Without our fans, not all this would ever have been so fun! Be a part of the greatest epic battle ever, the eradication of the zombie plague that will overcome mankind like no other pandemic has ever done before!

We are also a proud member of Z.O.P.E.C. (Zombie Outbreak Preparation & Education Coalition) When there’s no more room in hell…. we’ll just chop ‘em up smaller!

Nous travaillons avec des gens partout dans le monde, pour construire et entretenir des endroits et bâtiments LIBRES DES ZOMBIES, avec de quoi se défendre, de la nourriture, des équipements et matériels médicaux, des articles de SAUVETAGE, de LOGEMENT et des bio techniciens afin de mieux sauver l’humanité le jour où les morts-vivants marcheront sur la terre! Nous aimerions sauver le plus grand nombre d’entre vous que possible! Rejoignez-nous aujourd’hui et aidez-nous à organiser la meilleure défense contre les zombies pour vous, votre famille ainsi que vos amis! Oui, tout ça c’est plutôt une blague, mais le jour où les zombies envahiront la terre, vous allez tous vous réjouir d’avoir été bien préparés!

We Protect, We Fight, We Win! We Are Zombie Safe Area!



ZSA creepy zombi lady

 July 24th, 2011, that’s when ZOMBIE SAFE AREA was born. Dharma Thandrayen from the Island of Mauritius the original HQ, better known by the handle D-Undertaker had been a zombie enthusiast for decades now, growing up enjoying horror movies since the age of 3 years, had this love for paranormal movies and stories. Ghostbusters marked him, but one day after watching the zombie spoof classic Return of the Living Dead in 1988, the zombie thing really struck him! Years later after being on facebook for a few years and seeing the facebook pages dedicated to zombies he decided to try out his own page. Inspired by pages like Zombie Apocalypse Preparation, Zombie Squad, U.S. Department of Zombie Defense, Dont Get Bit, it started out with a few friends and fans liking it, but started picking up faster with the help of friend zombie pages, like US Dept of Zombie Defense who made a shout out video to help Z.S.A. Within a while a new friend from London helped with zombie defense expertise joined D-Undertaker and took it even further, got a whole bunch of ZSA fans to come together .  Soon Z.S.A grew into regional divisions, starting with a Z.S.A UK and then mostly from the US, with Ohio, then Texas and went on to get Canada and others! We are now a Z.S.A family from all over the globe, trying to help people survive disasters aswell as entertain them. Sadly drama and misleading information led us into stupid factional wars, very dumb and stupid until D-Undertaker and his loyalists took back control. Then things picked up again with a new slate, with the addition of Commanders ZEEKE , Tink Z , DoubleTap & many others all over the world who worked tirelessly, and so many others that I will name one by one as they are each and every one special to what helped ZSA itself survive through some of the worst situations and trials!  Z.S.A is in fact a culmination of so many things and people, but it all started that day in July 2011 in Africa of all places and so happy it did!



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